8 out of 12

Hey everyone! Eight out of the twelve banging boats are in the harbor this morning. The other four must be out, but we think they will have a hard time finding Dolphin with such rough water. No dolphins in the Cove for now. I’m really looking forward to another day with no Dolphin! 🙂

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Wonderful. Enjoy the morning and hope it is a wonderful dolphin free day in The Cove.
    I finally had a chance to catch up on the You Tube video. Wonderful (yet sad) footage of the tuna and the warehouse. Remind people to check out the Youtube link. There are some really good ones up!

  2. What is the Bob Barker? Elora do you expect any big display of help from the big organizations when the killing begins in October?

    1. Andrea, The Bob Barker is a anti
      whaling or whale protection ship that is is owned by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that does a wonderful job might I add!

      1. yes, Jan is correct. It was just acquired last year thanks to a huge and wonderful donation from Bob Barker (The Price is Right). Buy SSCS a ship and they’ll name it after you too! You can see the ship/s in the Animal Planet show Whale Wars.

        I will point out that the ships from the SSCS fleet are not currently in Taiji. I have had several people think that Elora is on one of the ships. No, they are on the ground in Taiji as Cove Guardians. The ships are en route somewhere gearing up to prepare for the Antarctic campaign.

  3. This seems as good a place as any to post this…I translated an article recently about an aquarium in Shimonoseki City that is planning to start a dolphin breeding program. One of the reasons for this is that there is so much competition for the dolphins caught in Taiji for sale to such facilities in Japan and overseas. In fact, Taiji has had orders from 39 facilities in japan alone, as aquariums have to replenish their dolphin stocks.

    Okay, to the point. This means that there are going to be a lot of aquarium people visiting Taiji over the next few months selecting dolphins. We have vitually no chance of even getting the fishermen to listen to us, but what about these dolphin trainers? These are people, like Ric O’Barry, who know and understand dolphins. Some of them – many, perhaps – are potential dolphin activists. There was a newspaper article a few months back about one female Japanese former dolphin trainer who is now speaking out against the hunt (from the safety of overseas).

    So, Scott, Elora and anyone who is in Taiji when the trainers are there – these are people who should be shown footage of the hunts, people who should know that the industry that pays their salaries has blood on its hands. We are looking into which aquariums are buying from Taiji this season and we can call, email and otherwise pressure them. But you will have a chance to speak to their staff face to face.

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