This is what it was like a year ago…

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I don’t know if the video is going to load here, or if you have to plug it into your ULR bar, but it is really worth watching. I amazed this hasn’t happened to us. It’s probably because my dad went into the police station before we really started documenting the Cove. And since I am a minor, they lay a finger on me and they’ll have a huge international incident! With almost 2,000 people on my side! Thank you everyone!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Hi Elora,

    Since my Internet connection here at home is so slow, I have not been able to watch most of the videos that you uploaded. However, I want you to know that I had the chance to watch the video that you took of the fishermen ferrying one of the captured dolphins to the pens. What you’ve shown truly reinforces the following:

    This captured dolphin was definitely very stressed! You could tell from the aggressive movements the dolphin made in the sling en route to the pens. The dolphin also made lots of splashes when being unloaded from the sling, causing the boat to rock violently.

    This dolphin definitely exhibited its wild-dolphin behavior. You could see that the diver with the snorkel/goggles high-tailing out of the pen after the dolphin had been placed into it. The other guys seemed so frightened that they raced away from the pen.

    You definitely caught the scene so very well! I am planning to purchase a new wireless laptop next week so that I will be able to watch many of your videos, including this one that you just posted, and see all of your photos besides doing a number of other things online.

    I am so thankful for the ‘bad’ weather that you guys have been having so that all wild cetaceans can have a ‘great’ day at sea!

    I just feel so utterly crushed about the captured dolphins, as well as their broken-up family units that had already been released without them! We all know from psychology that their enslavement will include never-ending ‘signal – response – reward’ system that is quite repetitive. It is absolutely no different from training domestic animals, such as dogs. These captured dolphins will undergo practice sessions with their trainers where they learn numerous unnatural behaviors and repeat them over and over until they’re perfect enough for the shows. Every time the dolphins perform a certain behavior correctly, they’d be rewarded with fish. If not, they’d have to repeat until the trainers are satisfied enough to give reward for the correct behavior. Very unfortunately, the captured dolphins will end up learning to associate their correct behaviors with the fish reward. We all know that this is something that all wild cetaceans NEVER get to experience in their open-sea habitats!

    No wonder why I absolutely abhor the captivity industry! Everything seems so artificial and so geared toward ignorant folks that love to be entertained. There is hardly any educational value to the orca and dolphin shows at various public display facilities.

    Oh, speaking of the captivity industry, the link that I gave you has a list of public display facilities all over the world. If you would click on ‘Phinventory’ from the left column and then scroll down a little bit, you will find that Japan has a long list of public display facilities. You would be interested to know that Japan has the MOST facilities of the entire world! I will post the Ceta-Base link here so that you won’t have to go to my other comment to get it. The link is as follows, and you may want to bookmark it for future reference: (a shortcut link)

    Wild dolphins are so intelligent and their echolocation so sophisticated that I find it a shame that so many people do not really appreciate these special characteristics in dolphins. I’ve been coming across a number of research articles that support such extraordinary qualities in dolphins. Here is the following link that you may want to read when you have the time:

    Calling dolphins ‘non-human persons’ could not have been more appropriate!!!!

    Hang in there, Elora. The fishermen and others may get in your and your dad’s faces and exhibit the f-word whenever the opportunity they can get, but guess what! These thugs are the world’s worst losers. They have absolutely nothing to gain by allowing your communication, as well as that of others, to fall on their deaf ears!


  2. Glad who ever was filming stood their ground and didn’t retaliate. It just makes the fishermen look even worse. They were saying why are you taking footage of us etc.
    Glad you don’t have to experience any of that aggressive behavior.

    Have you met anyone from other groups yet? I sent a message to Greenpeace head office asking why they aren’t there. Will send a message to PETA tonight. Some other groups are saying that they have people down there but it seems so strange that they aren’t identifying themselves to you.

    1. The credit goes to Steven Thompson he was brave enough to stand there. You’re right it just makes them even worse. Thank you! Me too! I’m very lucky being 16, they lay a pinkie on me and we have a international lawsuit. 🙂

      No, we know some people who are reporters here… but as for other groups we have met or seen none. Thank you! Yes, please email people. I don’t understand why it’s only SSCS and a high-school girl is here.
      For the Animals,
      Elora Malama

      1. Hi Elora
        Thanks for your reply. Tonight I contacted PETA and Oceanic Defence to find out what they are doing to help the situation in Taiji. Will let you know as soon as I hear back. I hope you are sleeping well tonight. Take care.

  3. I forwarded this message to Scott as well as yourself.
    Hi – I’ve been following your blog since that very 1st day. It is great to see how HUGE it has become. I have an idea I wanted to tell you about, but 1st (bear with me) & let me tell you about how many people are now becoming interested in this cause & how many people you are reaching by your blog… I ran into some friends recently & we began discussing the dolphin killings occurring in Japan & they mentioned that on the internet, they had recently run across the same story on a blog of some chick named Elora or Elona & asked had I heard of her? I laughed & couldn’t help myself as I said, IT’S ELORA & they asked – How did I know that? I couldn’t help myself when I replied, because I know her… LOL
    Well I feel like I know you… Listening to you on your blog has made most people feel like they know you & I read your comments about about how lucky you are that someone funded your trip to Japan. Well I know your aware of the fact that ALOT of us wish that we could be there with you but don’t have the $ and/or have other obligations that prevent them from going. I started thinking… I don’t have an extra $1200, but I can probably come up with $100 or $200 & there has got to be 10 people out of the 1000’s your blog is creating who want to do the same. SO, I WAS THINKING what about donors who’d be willing to “sponsor” someone from your blog (or someone picked by sea shepard who thought that person would be the most effective person to send over on a flight to Japan?
    I thought that the only “NO” reply might possibly be due to the idea that the funds could be better spent on Sea Shepards needs. AND I would have to agree, knowing there is always a need for donations. I will continue to send my donations when possible, BUT I KNOW that there are others who would be willing to donate enough funds to send someone to Japan to stand in their place & help you in this fight. We all continue to written letters, make phone calls but we all feel somewhat helpless here. Sorry for rambling on & on. Let me know what u think of the idea. Thanks for everything you continue to do. You are an inspiration to us all!
    Colleen in San Diego

    1. Hey, Colleen: Great Brainstorm about SSCS choosing to fund certain people. How about funding Japanese people to come?

  4. こういう挑発を繰り返せば、そのうちに太地の人々と喧嘩になりますよ。


      1. 撮影の挑発によって太地の人々に暴力を振るわせ、暴力的な映像を世界に配信したかったのでしょう。

        “the COVE”の激怒した漁師みたいな映像が欲しかったのでしょう。

      2. Huh? With all do respect can you please type in English, i really want to understand your side but I cannot hold an intelligent conversation with you in Japanese. The way I translate it just doesn’t make sense.

      3. 太地の人々もあなたと同じことを感じてると思いますよ。


      4. OMG: The message is in the fact that the writer refuses to write in English.

        The writer is saying that Elora has come to Japan to protest but why can’t she speak Japanese so that Japanese people could understand her?

        I know there are many answers for this, We are just beginning our activism in Taiji…but we DO need more Japanese people involved!

  5. Hi Elora! I wanted to say two things:
    1. Thank you for the updates everyday! I appreciate them so much!
    2. I did a Presenation a few days ago on the Dolphins in my seminar and I talked about The Cove, Ric, Sea Shepherd and you-basically everyone who is somehow making a positive contribution to this cause. It definitely got people’s attention and I let them know about your blog here and things they can do to help out. Even though I have probably said it a million times already thank you so much for everything you’re doing.

  6. Hey there,
    great work, its really awesome because most girls your age just talk all the time about saving animals and i guess ive never seen any of them actually doing anything … your parents must be awfull proud of you (i dont now if this is some sort of idiom in english too, in germany it actually is, so i hope you dont missunderstand it but i really got no other words for it … ;))

    I really hope that i can, if they havent stoped the slaughter till then, join you guys over there maybe next year … but i hope nobody touches me or tries to f… with me, because i would defianitely ripp his gooddamn head of his tiny japanese butcher body … and even tough im actually a pretty calm personality that doesnt like trouble …

    and by the way, youre from san francisco, i read, i just visited san francisco, south lake tahoe, LA and vegas not even a week ago … 😉

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