Yay! The water was so rough today that the boats did not go out! The clouds are a dark gray color. We are hoping for thunder and lightning all week! I am so happy to be able to give you all good news today. Dolphins are safe another day.

Someone new is coming today! So I can’t wait to meet her! I encourage everyone who can and is on the fence about coming… to come! We need the people here. I understand why a lot of people cannot, I really do. Some dear family friends of ours lent us the money for me to come. I owe them more thank you’s than I could say in a life time! Thank you Jeanne and Dallas, I love you! You made this all possible.

Thank you for all the kind comments. They make my day, knowing that so many people feel exactly the same way that I do.

Reporting good news at the Cove for the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Elora,
    Luv, luv, luv you! And luv the thunder and lightning! Now you all can get a good night’s sleep tonite:)
    Sweet dreams…you guys deserve them.

    1. Elora, You are so brave, I could never face what you and your father are facing. I live in New Jersey and my husband and I have been following you and your father’s efforts along with Orca, Dolphin, Whale on Face Book, Sea Shephard along with Orca, Dolphin Whale is out there, there are people that are watching and that care, you are not alone…..we have been calling the Japanese Embassy’s but it appears that it is aquarium driven, I’m still heart broken over the pilot whales, I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that must have been for you, “we” as a like minded community understands and cringe at the thought of what you must have gone through to get those pictures out to the world, your work is not in vain, I have been getting the word out….you have a lot of people behind you Elora. Lots of Love, Varina K. Paone

  2. Hi!

    My name is Tam*Kidd I am a young female music artist from California & I have been campaigning via internet reaching out to my fan base to spread awareness about the whale & dolphin slaughter everyday! Ever since this horrific killing has been brought to my attention I have been doing my research and there is a man named Thomas I. White a professor who specializes in ethics. Well he has researched and wrote a book called “In Defense of the Dolphins” that we all MUST read!! Especially the sea shepherd organization!! This book & the author can be of great aid to us!

    Professor White has gathered all the scientific studies, facts & all the behavioral documentation we as the “human species” have learned SO FAR about dolphins and this is what he has concluded. Dolphins are so highly intelligent that they are our oceanic counterpart. That their frontal lobes and cebreal cortex (sorry if I spelled this wrong) is so large and their brain is studied we havnt even tipped the iceberg as far as figuring out how complex they work but their intelligence is so high
    it’s second to man or are they possibly more intelligent? In his book he breaks it down chApter to chApter as why dolphins are so intelligent they could be described as an alien species..because all their gifts we still cannot comprehend. They have feelings, emotions, can look forward to future events, have their own dolphin language and advanced form of communication between their dolphin community, they have awareness of self, they even have been proven to think abstractly, they can think creatively, have amazing memories, have been able to learn even an artificial language through symbols and cards to allow the gap between dolphin & mans language barrior to be bridged, they even are cultural..they have been in some scenarios taught things like tricks by man and then released back into the wild and then taught many other dolphins in their pod and community the same new trick on their own. They are simply amazing they are way smarter then any of us know.

    So basically he discusses “speciesism” which is basically means we as man compare other creatures to ourselves and based on how “simiar” they are to us man has classified them on their level of worth of use and importance based on how they benifit us etc. This is wrong! The dolphins should not be compared to our species because they are just as smart if not smarter in other ways crucial to the survival of their species in their own enviornment. He concludes that this is a terrible way to measure the worth of other creatures here on earth because they all have adapted to have advanced intelligence crucial for survivAl in their own enviornment. Man has no right to say because their species is advanced in water and not on land that we should give them no “rights” aka..moral rights.

    Dolphins are so intelligent, and feeling, with distinct personalities and awareness of self that they should NOT be concidered a “what” but a “who”. That based on all these findings and how advanced they are that they should be entitled to “personhood” …and “moral rights”. That man needs to change our small minded way of thinking & make a serious effort to get this protection of granting them their right to personhood put into policy. Us united as a group and with the scientists and professors conducting these studies supporting us with all of their evidence we have a clear factual case to be presented here & put it into policy.

    Dolphins are very much a “who” aka a non human person that they are not our property and should not be considered a form of property to man whatsoever! That they are each an individual “person” (if u look up the definition by person it’s not at referring to a human..in the past woman, children and slaves were not even concidered a “person”) and deserve the right to life, to live, to be free to make their own choices and they must have the right just as we do to not be harmed, abused, confined to an enviornment in captivity that they did not agree to or killed.

    These findings & Thomas I. White’s book documentation and presentation on this matter conclude & prove to what all of us have known in our hearts all along! That these creatures must be respected and never harmed. Their species is different then our yes, but their intelligent has evolved the way it needs to be to survive in the ocean not on land with us so comparing man to dolphin is obsurd and that’s where that ugly term “speciesism” comes into play.

    So basically I know now and believe that if we can all come together…all of the organizations, the human rights protestors, the animal lovers, the rescue organizations and these scientist & professors such as Thomas I. White & a team of anazing lawyers then we must address this case to push this into policy. Our battle needs to be there as well!! These creatures need their “moral rights” and their right to “personhood” put into effect just as when african Americans finally were declared a “person”…this term speciesism is just as bad and the same as racism & sexism..hurting a dolphin is unethical, immoral & just wrong and their should be laws holding people accountable that so much as touch one of these creatures!

    Please google him & learn more about him; The book is called “in defense of the Dolphins” and I included a link to an article on the subject as well as the link to his site! We must use this book as a valuable tool to help convince our government to see that this treatment is completley unethical and morally wrong. And any wrong doing to a dolphin should be pentalized such as any human would be pentalized for inflicting harm or death upon another human!

    This is our foundation guys! We need this to fight this great fight with his help! You guys should reach out to professor Thomas I. White & his collegues and professional conterparts and see if we can present this in a formal manner to be put into policy for good!! In every part of the world a dolphin IS a “who” & not a “what” and is a “person” of the sea & should be respected and treated as so! We must fight to get them their rights!!

    “Article on Dolphins a Non Human Persons”

    “In Defense of the Dolphins” a new moral frontier – the book by Thomas I. White

    God bless u guys!
    (music artist for Steez/Universal Motown)

  3. I was wondering, have you guys considered protesting in front of the dolphin trainers? You can hold up a sign showing the dead whales from this week and saying in Japanese that 15 whales/dolphins were killed earlier. They might be more understanding, at least some of them.

    1. i don’t think you can protest in Japan being a foreigner and not be arrested can you? Everything I have heard Ric O’Barry say and what I have read everyone has to be so careful over there so they don’t get arrested.

    2. The dolphin trainers know exactly what is going on, after they select the ‘good’ dolphins, the rest will be either released or killed. Don’t know who decides on their faith.
      The blood is 100% on the trainers hands too.
      It would be nice to speak with the trainers, and find out if they can still look at themselves in the mirror.
      Smiling and giving shows with dolphins and being part of the HORROR at the same time….
      Sonja, currently in Taiji.

      1. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to speak with the trainers Sonja. Good luck!

        We’ve all been moved by images and videos of the slaughter, so it’d be good to see how they respond to that. They should be more reasonable people who understand that dolphins are intelligent and emotional. You have to go after both the sellers and buyers on this, and the trainers are the buyers. They represent a side that has more influence on this issue.

  4. Wonderful to hear the good news Elora, I have been so sad today thinking about the calfs without a mother. I so wish I could be there with you all. I have actually been posting all over the place today wondering why so many who started the publicity on this are not involved on ground zero so to speak. I don’t quite understand that!

  5. There will be a world wide protest rally at your nearest Japanese consulate or embassy on October 14. This is a chance for those of us who cannot actually be in Taiji to do something. I will be in Boston and I can’t wait! Check out the link below for more info. It starts out about Miami, but there is contact info further down the page for your area.

    If you would like to host a rally in your city, contact:

    Shelby Proie, Shelby@savelolita.com

  6. I also hope the weather keeps up. I will be looking forward to your next entries as I do them all.

    I can’t make it out this year, but I have plans for 2011. Your mother has been very helpful with giving me informartion about the stay.

  7. Hi Elora, great to hear the good news, lets hope the weather keeps up! Stoked to hear you hooked up with Christy & she is coming down to help support. 🙂

  8. Hi Elora. I’m so glad the fishermen couldn’t make it out to sea today. I have been emailing and calling the media, signing petitions, writing letters, and telling as many people as possible about Taiji and your blog. I’ve never followed a blog like I follow yours. I literally check my phone or computer every hour to see if there is any new news. It just gives us, who can’t be there, the feeling that we are a part of what is going on. You really are doing an amazing job. I commend you and your father. Just know that as hard as it gets at times that you are doing the right thing. You have a ton of support…and more each day. Stay strong. xoxo

  9. I myself am a teen and I 100% support what you are doing…I live in San Diego. I have made petitions myself as well and held presentations @ school about dolphin slaughter. If everyone works together, we will shut them down!

  10. GREAT news Elora. Glad to hear. We wish we were back in Taiji with you! Stay safe and keep up the great updates.

    Dwight and Sandra.

  11. I just want to say how much I appreciate you updating your blog while you are in Taiji. I wish more than anything that I could be there but I have no money to get me there. But it’s really great being able to read what’s happening at the cove every day. So thank you 🙂

  12. Bless you, Elora! It is wonderful to know there is a very special young woman like you doing something outside of herself….Stay the course….you will definitely never be forgotten or let down!
    Thank you! and I will get the book!
    Stay safe!
    BJ Murphy

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