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Quick update before bed…

Hi all, I wish I had the time to give you a massive update, but we are planning to be up by 3am tomorrow to catch what is going to happen to those poor dolphins. So I really need to get to sleep to stay healthy. I’m getting up early a lot.

Today we drove up to the Cove, and the hunters boats had found Dolphin earlier than usual. There is a video of the Dolphins on my public facebook page. We think they are dolphins, and there looks to by almost 20.

Here is something I wrote while sitting at the Cove this morning:

I want to say that there are about 17 or 18 dolphins in the Cove today. There may be more or less, but either way it is another dark day in an area where the sun seems to always be reflecting brightly off the water. I did not expect to wake up this morning to another day like yesterday. Hopefully it won’t be like yesterday, and they will release the dolphins that are not chosen for show. But we think they might kill them just to piss us off. It will only piss them off more when we stay completely calm, don’t react to their smirks, and then expose them to the world. Giving not only a bad name for Taiji, but for all swim with dolphin programs that fund this.

We are sitting under some trees so we can document if anything else happens. Three cops dressed in white button up shirts and blue dress pants came over to get a “visual” on us. The police department now needs to pay these guys to sit here and watch us all day. More money to be spent.

Now there are two fishermen! Wow… they must really be afraid of us doing something illegal. Well we can’t. Because if we get locked up, no one will be watching the Cove and nothing will be documented. The best thing we can do is showthe world that they are still killing dolphins here at the Cove, and they must be ashamed of it, or they would not hide.

Two more just showed up. There are four now.

Have you all ever noticed how (in my pictures) the no photography sign is in English? It is in Japanese, but the font on that part is so small, my camera won’t even pick it up.


It was very short, but I needed to vent about my surroundings. I like to share that stuff with you, It feels safe. I have so many people who support me…

A short while after I wrote that we came back to the hotel to upload everything, and to catch up on everything from yesterday that was not out yet. About two hours later we went back to the Cove, where we met three new people here to do the same thing we are. It was amazing! A really good part to another horrible day. Their names are Matthew, Robin, and Sonja. They are Dutch and Swiss. It’s great having more people here that are just as passionate as we are. Sandra and Dwight left this morning, so it was just going to be my dad and I till October. But now Matthew, Robin, and Sonja will be with us till the 27th!

We showed them around, and where everything is and where stuff is done. After dinner we are back in the hotel and getting everything ready for another early morning. I am really hoping I will be able to respond to everyones emails and comments tomorrow afternoon! I am reading them! I just don’t have the time I want to respond. But I do want to talk to you all! So please don’t think I am ignoring you!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Praying with all my heart they will release these Dolphins. I am going to start contacting the mainstream media here in America and complain that they are not covering this. That is my job today.

    1. I will also be contacting mainstream media as well!! Good idea Andrea! Maybe together we can get some coverage! 🙂

    2. Good Job! My friends here in the states were horrified to hear what happened to the 15 pilot whales and could happen to the dolphins. They were confused as to why it wasn’t on the news as they had no idea. We MUST get this out to the mainstream media. God Speed! Love to You and Your Father! Varina

  2. Hey Elora! I really hope these dolphins are just returned to their natural habitat after they have their “choosing dolphins” part. I have been fighting for whales and dolphins since Free Willy come out (just a little side note, haha). I will be contacting some of my local radio and TV stations about what goes on in this Cove as well as your blog if that is alright!

    Love to you and your father and stay safe!


  3. I deeply appreciate your being quite candid about everything, as well as your letting us know what’s been happening at the Cove. It is good for you to rant as well!

    Even though I have not had the chance to comment lately, the ‘culture’ thing is really getting to me. If these fishermen claim that what they’re doing is part of their culture, how come they do not do it openly and proudly? Why would they hide their acts by erecting tarps before the cull, as well as throwing tarps over the deceased dolphins? If they are not able to carry out their culture proudly, why can’t they stop once and for all and establish their own whale- and dolphin-watching businesses?! Why can’t they just open their eyes and ears and listen to folks from all over the world so that they’d have the opportunity to do the things for the benefit of all wild cetaceans AND the Japanese citizens?!

    I do feel a sense of anger about the first cull of this season, as well as our not being able to do anything to save the precious dolphins without breaking any laws. I completely agree with you on your mention about how the fishermen can be pissed off by your and others’ presence at the Cove – so pissed off that they would kill more that they’d capture from the open sea.

    I truly worry about the dolphins that are already at the Cove, as well as the future ones that will end up going through the same thing. Their welfare is of paramount importance, and their plight cannot be ignored at all. Besides, these most precious creatures do have the right to live their lives in peace in their own oceanic environment.


  4. Hey you 😉 Let’s hope as few as possible are taken into captivity and the remaining dolphins to be released. I just can’t understand that they are going through with this, while knowing what they do is totally wrong and all the negative publicity this gives to the town of Taji, and all of Japan really.

    I’ve contacted the 2 major news stations here in the Netherlands, only one of them bothered to answer. Not a happy answer, as they say this isn’t important, it isn’t news. And that i should contact actuallity programs. So i did. Still waiting for any kind of reply from them. Last night i was watching one of these programs i contacted before, it was about nose picking, among other things. I was so pissed and told them this. I mean, dolpins and whales are being slaughtered and they spent time on stupid things like nose picking. :/

    Anyway, you do an amazing job by being there and getting most of their activity’s on photo and video.

    Stay safe and strong, it will stop one day!

  5. Elora,
    I just finished a 31 minute phone call with Mr. Nakatsuka, 1st Secretary.at 202-238-6700. (everyone call him..Just insist you want to talk with him). I first thanked him for taking my call. I told him that I would like to discuss with him why “Japan finds it necessary to kill Whales and Dolphins”. He began by saying that he doesn’t think that Japan needs to kill whales or dolphins but that there is a demand in their society for the meat. I told him that there was not a high demand at all. He agreed that there was a very small demand but that there was a demand. He agreed that most Japanese don’t eat Whale or Dolphin and that HE has only tried it once before. I discussed with him that killing whales and dolphins was not a necessity but a choice. He agreed that Japan didn’t need whale meat and that it was a small part of their society that eats it. I told him that it wasn’t necessary for the Japanese people and that these animals were unique in the world and highly intelligent and should be treated as special creatures. I asked him if Japan kills Apes or Elephants. He said no. I said.. this is what we are talking about here… Whales and Dolphins are unique and intelligent like Apes and Elephants. There are certain animals that are just inexcusable to kill and whales and dolphins are among those animals. I told him people want to make Japan understand that it can’t just kill anything it wants. There are something’s that are too special to even consider killing.(for me all animals are special but that is too much to ask the world right now)… We discussed all kinds of topics relating to the killing of Whales and Dolphins. I said to him that he probably has no problem fishing but he would not stab to death dolphins because he knows its wrong. One thing I am realizing is that the Japanese just don’t value any life unless it’s human. Anything is fair game.
    I told him all cultures change when they realize what they are doing is wrong. I told him that even the U.S. fought a civil war partial over cultural changes, but in the end we changed. I said a culture should always change to make themselves better. I told him that it’s not easy but a society must change to become better people. I told him imagine one day Japan decides to stop killing Whales and Dolphins. The headlines around the world would be huge that Japan has chosen Life over the death of these unique and special animals. That they value life over death and that Japan does care for the unique and special animals of the world. (I hope one day to see this)

    I told him that they are butchering these animals without regard to their suffering. He said the fishermen are killing them quickly. I told him there was no evidence and it is contrary to the reality… He said the government is watching them. Ya but not doing anything at all and that they need to stop killing them anyway
    We discussed many other things that he tried to compare to killing whales and dolphins. I just kept telling him that these animals are special and unique and should be treated as such. I told him there is a reason why most of the world doesn’t kill them. It’s because they are unique and special.
    He brought up that it was the fishermen’s lively hood. I told him that they could convert Taiji into a huge tourist attraction and that because of the history of Taiji it would become a huge destination for tourist. I told him tourist would love to be taken out to interact with dolphins in their natural habitat and the fishermen could make a lot of money with that and be proud of it. He agreed that it would be something to consider there.

    The last thing I said to him before we ended our cordial conversation.
    In the end, I said that every society needs a line in the sand and that Japan has no line in the sand. Japan kills anything and everything it wants without hesitation. The world is asking Japan to create a line in the sand. And that line in the sand should be at the least Whales and Dolphins. He thanked me for calling and we finished.
    He was very nice about everything. One thing I am having a problem with and I am having a hard time getting my mind around is that the Japanese people are very sweet. I just don’t understand how that sweetness doesn’t flow over the other animals of the world. I wish they would see it’s about compassion for animals. They need a huge paradigm shift in thinking in Japan.

    Can’t wait till the October 14th protest.
    Join if you can in your city see this link for details:

    David Drolet-Atlanta

    1. Thank you David for calling. I agree with you after speaking to him that he was very cordial during the conversation. Everyone please call and let your voice be heard:)

      1. Great job, David. I think it’s great that you made such a huge effort in speaking with Mr. Nakatsuka. Unfortunately, it sounds like he was courteous, but still making excuses for destroying these beautiful creatures. It’s really heartbreaking. I’ve been holding my breath and checking the blog all day. It’s awful to sit around and wonder if the dolphins will survive this.
        Great job you’re doing over there, Elora. Thank you so much for keeping us as informed as you do. But don’t stress if you can’t keep posting immediately. You’re doing a tough, but wonderful thing over there. And we all appreciate what you’re doing. Stay strong. Xoxo

    2. David,

      I very deeply appreciate your making such an effort to call Mr. Nakatsuka and sharing with us what you learned from the phone call. I wholeheartedly agree with the points that you made regarding our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea – the whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

      As a profoundly deaf individual, I rely on the computer to commmunicate. I feel that I am trying my very hardest to spread the word about the atrocity in Taiji which I have done for the last five years.

      I do thank you so much for taking the time, as well as your going out of your way, for the beloved wild cetaceans!


      (cetaceans = whales, dolphins, and porpoises)

    3. HI David.
      I’m happy to hear that the conversation went well. He listened to what you had to say, which is better than hanging up the phone. I hope some of what you said got through to him.
      I don’t understand that either. It’s all a very thick facade for the fishermen and anyone who goes out whaling. Even parts of the government. I mean they are telling lies to their people! It’s multi level problem we have…. Unfortunately. Thanks for making the call!

    1. Thank you David for sharing this experience and information.
      Hang in the Elora & Scott, you’re doing a great job!

    2. Thank you, rescuedolphins, for Mr. Nakatsuka’s e-mail address. Since I am not able to make phone calls due to my profound deafness, I will go ahead and send an e-mail to him. Again, many thanks!


  6. I also pray the dolphins will be released!

    The only “un-nice” people in Japan are the greed-fueled fishermen who insist on killing dolphins and whales out of blood-lust and NOT necessity.

  7. Thank you for all that you guys are doing over there! If I didn’t have a job that I needed to pay my bills, I’d be there with you all! Give everyone there with you a huge hug from us. Then the hug you just got from them will be our hug to you. 🙂

    Don’t worry about not having time to respond.. the dolphins need you more than we do! 😉 ❤


  8. So cool you’ve got more company now! Boy, I’m proud to be Dutch :-))
    You guys are doing a fantastic job there, my spirit is with you every hour of the day. I don’t know how you do it….even if
    I had the means I would be arrested the first day for hanging on some fisherman’s throat.
    Sending you hugs and wishing you strength

  9. dear elora,
    it’s near 1 in the morning over here in germany, but i can’t sleep. my thoughts are with the poor dolphins in taiji, so far away but so close to my heart. it is all so very sad.
    i don’t dare to sleep and wake up in the morning to read that they killed these wonderful creatures, like the morning where you told us, the whales have been slaughtered. it is all so hard to bear without being able to help.
    i really wish i could be there in taiji to support you, not just posting comments…but you know, my thoughts are with you guys.
    be strong, elora. you’re gonna get through this, and i am sure in the end it will be a big victory…for the animals!

  10. Elora,
    SO GREAT to see the enormous following your blog here now has! It is so encouraging to view the new comments left here daily by individuals who are just becoming aware of the slaughter taking place in Japan. The word is being spread & that is the only way we are ever going to get things changed!!! As always, you continue to be in our thoughts EVERY DAY & we will continue to spread the word. Stay Safe!
    Love Ya Lots, Colleen in San Diego

  11. I am beginning to have hopes that continuing to spread the word and being persistant is going to make a difference. I am starting to see some small progress in change of attitude from people not wanting to be bothered and pretending it isn’t happening to not being able to ignore it anymore. Thank you for keeping everyone updated and continuing to show these horrible acts so that they can be shut down.

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