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No red water… but red hands…

No red water.. But red hands

I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out what to say. But that’s usually my best writing. But still, forgive me if this sounds harsh, or scattered. I’m trying to rise above ignorance, but it’s about time I state what I think about this whole situation more in your face than I usually do. I’m very upset right now. I’m done with the ignorance that all these people in Taiji, in the Japanese government, and even some travelers from around Japan seem to be made up of. Why is the government and people allowing this small group of doltish and vile men to contol a huge section of the Japanese government? While both the police and government back them up! They have brainwashed all of the Japanese people. Now when locals or travelers talk to us they don’t understand why the media is making us out to be criminals. The police are now in a awkward position allowing us to walk freely, because they know everything the public has been told are lies. And  they are reminded every time someone complains that we are still walking freely.

There are too many layers to this story. And it all comes down to one group of men, who need to be stopped. Who the heck gave them all the power? —

Everything started this morning at 3am. My dad had been up since 2:30. I got up and we prepared all of my SDcards and batteries. We were out of the hotel room and on the road by 3:40 on our way to Shingu to pick up Sandra and Dwight. I don’t think my dad and I said ten words to each other. The quiet said everything. I was so scared to witness something absolutely dreadful and know that there was nothing I could do to stop it. I’ve never seen death on a large scale either.. so I didn’t know how I was going to react to that. All I knew was that I had to document everything I could… for you guys. Hopefully to inspire people to come down here and help put a stop to this. We need more than four people causing a scene.

Once Sandra and Dwight were in the car, it was the same story. No one had anything to say. Maybe a few things here and there, but that half hour car ride to the Cove was pretty silent. It was now 4:40. And still pitch black out…. walking into the park area we spotted one fishermen who must have been on guard duty all night… Sucker!…

It was so scary walking down those stairs, we didn’t know if more were waiting in the dark under the trees, and no police were here yet. So we sat down in a lightly lit, by the street light, area. And waited for sunrise. Some aquarium people showed up with a group of fishermen at 5am. The fishermen who were involved with the slaughter today started arriving at about 5:15 in their boats. By 5:30, the aquarium people were taken back to shore with nothing. The Pilot Whales were not good enough for them. They had been banged up all night swimming in the shallow water. The aquariums were saying that they were not involved with the slaughter. Well today that was proven wrong. They knew exactly what was going on. And it is all on film. It was slaughter time now.

They must have beached the Whales before the slaughter because the water never turned red… but we know it happened. By 6 they were driving out boats with giant piles of tarps that the fishermen were sitting on. Their catch for the day. It was now confirmed that the Whales were dead. Sandra and I both just went numb. There were many things I wanted to do. Cry, scream… and almost laugh at their ignorance. But I couldn’t show any of that. I was too shocked and disturbed………. You’d have to be completely heartless to kill something that is so intelligent and magical. And it makes me sick to know that they don’t see that.

We sat around for another twenty minutes, watching them picking up the nets. Dwight and my dad had walked onto the hill to see if they police thought it was safe to swim now. Dwight and I wanted that footage of the bloody beach.. but we didn’t want to break the law. Then our job here would be over. They started yelling for us to come up onto the hill…. Sandra and I grabbed our stuff and booked it up the hill…. I thought we were being arrested. Or at least my dad was.

When we got up to the top of the hill, we saw around the corner, on the other side of the Cove…. and giant boat with tarps hanging around it. And a even bigger ship like boat, was dragging the dead Whale off of the tarp covered floating tomb. We got footage of that too. By 7:20 everything was done, even bringing the meat into the slaughter house… which I have footage of too. That is a shot of it in the picture above.

This is what brings me to my rant. I came here for my senior project. To study food, daily-lifestyle, and culture… and how that ties into the killing at the Cove. Well it all does. But the part that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time is this so-called “culture”. It’s freaking bull shit! If this were culture, they would be…

1. Doing it out in the open for everyone to see.

2. They would not be filming our every move.

3. They wouldn’t try to intimidate us to get us to leave…

4. They would not be hiding everything! They transfer would not have been under a tarp… they wouldn’t stand in front of our cameras… and they wouldn’t be doing it in the Cove.

5. If this were culture, they would be treating the animal with respect, even if they were killing it. Reverence for the animals.

6. They wouldn’t be driving in thousands each year, with boats that have giant metal pipes they bang on to drive them in. They would go out and hunt them man and spear in the wild, it would be personal. I’m not trying to say that is still right… I’m stating the difference.

7. This hasn’t been going on for 400 years. Not like this. You really think they would still be doing this if they didn’t make money? Maybe… but maybe like one a year like the people up in Alaska.

8. It’s all greed. All those magical creatures look like to them is money.

9. The fishermen actually told Richard O’barry that if the world found out, they would be shut down.

10. It’s all shameful. And they know what they are doing is shameful.. that’s why they hide it. That’s the worst part.

This is just how I reacted to today… and I think it’s important to put it out there.

Thank you for the support everyone. I love you all! And videos will be up on youtube throughout my day. So keep checking.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. I am sorry you had to witness such a horrific act today. I must say I was nowhere near enlightened about the world at 16 or even 36 as you are now. Nearing 45 I am just starting to emerge on the path. I am so proud to say I know you and share your story with as many people as I can. You are the bravest girl I have the pleasure to know at this time. Wesley has been my inspiration at times that he will never know or understand, but you I can say know your inspiration to others and that is a great gift. Thanks for all you are doing there and stay safe. Scott and Suzanne thank you for sharing such a brave, beautiful, smart and caring girl.

  2. Thank you so much for beeing strong and report for us every day!
    It must have been very, very hard for you today.
    Thank you so much for it.

    I would love to join you in Taiji, but i can´t – doesn´t matter what i do – i can´t. That makes me sad.

    In my thoughts i´m with you there!

  3. Oh my god!! my heart is pounding….my eyes are tearing. Heartbreaking absolutely heartbreaking, i was thinking about those pilot whales all day today. I feel you a hundred percent, don’t ever appologize about your blogs they are your feelings the truth- Something more needs to be done, something HUGE! Those fisherman are pawns for the government…I’m as pissed as you are…..Hugs and strength.


  4. This post was shared on Facebook by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Hence, my first time posting here.

    Thank you for being there to bear witness to this, as painful as it is.

    LOTS of people all over are spreading the word .. so you are not alone. Hopefully your #9 will come true and not a day too soon – that they are shut down.

    Keep up the good work .. keep the faith .. and know that many people are with you on this cause.


  5. I pray that you find the strength and comfort you need to deal with the horrors you have seen. It has to be so hard to feel completely helpless in preventing the murders from happening. My thoughts are with you and your family/friends. I pray you are kept safe and that your heart is shielded from the evil that Men do. Namaste, sister.

  6. Thank you for being so brave, and so daring as to say all you have. This world is not going to change if we continue to stand by and do nothing. You have a strong spirit, hon, and I believe that you are one of the few who stand to change the world by your words and actions.
    Thank you for writing about what you’ve seen, despite how much it may hurt to relive it.

  7. Wow, I cant believe you had to witness that, you all really are brave. I’d love to be there with my video camera helping you guys, but as funds dont permit me, I can only look to people like you right now, who are there putting up the good fight. I cant begin to imagine how hard it is to see everything you guys are seeing over there, but it really seems to be getting somewhere by the Sea Shepherd reports. Alot more of the public seem to be seeing whats really happening, and maybe that fisherman was right, now that the world knows, maybe it will be shut down soon. Hopefully by the end of the season. Keep up the good fight, you all really are making a difference, even if it is just the four of you for now.

  8. Thank you Elora for sharing your experience. I know it’s hard, but it will make you all the more relentless in stopping this barbaric culture. I thank god that you are doing this, you are our Future. Rant more, make people look and learn from your experiences. It’s ok to make waves. Stand up for what you believe in. People WILL listen. I have.

  9. Your a very brave person to go into something like this.I praise people who want to rescue and protect all living creatures.I have shared your story on my Facebook wall, for all to see.And continue to give you 5 stars.Thank you.

  10. Thank you Elora! You are an amazing girl and an excellent representation of the future of animal protection. It hurts my very soul to hear of this tragic news in Taiji today. I only wish more could be done to stop it. I appreciate you being there as the eyes and voice for the world. STAY STRONG and many prayers for the safety of all of you.

  11. It is such a shame there are not many more people out there helping to stop this cruelty … my heart goes out to all the sea life they kill, i am in tears when i read what has happened, i have become hateful of the Japanese…. i feel so helpless, keep up the good work….

    1. Yvonne, We can not hate the Japanese as a whole, they are good people. There are a few who make their livings selling and killing whales and we can hate the action. Japan as a whole is not bad.

  12. You have outraged me to a full extent now. As I said before, Sea Shepard is a direct-action based organization, but yet all you are doing is WATCHING Whales being killed. That isn’t direct action. That’s being a helpless dunce.

    The current reason behind whaling is conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research. You are against science. The current rate of whaling is perfectly fine, and no vast dangers have occured. You are against nature.

    And now, for the Culture based part…by golly, you’ve crossed the line.

    How the heck do you know what Asian Culture is? How can you know that your perception, your take is the “Right” way, and everyone else’s perception is WRONG?

    In the end, all you are is a little teenage girl who can’t do anything, and is overcome with emotional anthropomorphism. No wonder most teenagers are so contrary.

    1. Why don’t u shut up??? What they did to the whales is wrong. Well I hope the Mercury level is so high that people who eat it get really sick. The warnings are there but they choose to ignore it. Let them choke on it. I think they kill these poor defenseless mammals out of joy of the sport. This teenager is very brave to be there. We should have more teens like her doing something to improve this world. Just so u know, your opinion really stinks. I say “YOU GO GIRL” AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THE EYES AND EARS FOR THOSE OF US THAT CAN’T BE THERE…

      1. You wish for people who had nothing to do with the killing to get sick?


        …And you’re calling me mad.

    2. Oh, just piss off. If who she is and what she is doing is like most teenagers, why are you wasting your invaluable time commenting on her blog? Look around her website. You are clearly out numbered and no one gives a damn what a miserable, ignorant, and pretentious person like you has to say. Like what you have to say matters here anyways. If you were half the person my cousin is, you would be making your righteous blog comments where it matters. It is people like you that are behind the continuation of unnecessary happenings such as this.

      Elora- you are an amazing young woman and you and your dad keep it up. I love you both and I wish I could be there with you!

      1. P.S.

        Laura…is Sea Shepherd and those representing SSCS at the cove now are not taking direct- action, can you please enlighten us as to what you are doing to help the cause?


      2. “Like what you have to say matters”

        Heh, and same to you too.

        You’re welcome for me enlightening you to the truth 😀

    3. Yvonne,
      You want to talk about a DUNCE?
      And you state that no harm has come?
      How about having an exploding harpoon go through your body and then get shot 6-10 with a rifle.
      NOT to mention these are endangered animals in a whale sanctuary.
      I’m ALL for REAL sience, NOT the slaughter of everything in “OUR” oceans by the Japanese for pure GREED!
      This “little teanage girl” has done and accomplished more with her words than you will EVER accomplish in your miserable life.
      ICR are a bunch of lying pieces of CRAP!
      And YOU are an IDIOT!

      1. Thanks for the compliment. I love hearing people who think they know everything about the world talk, but they don’t.

        I guess that’s why I’m here. To enjoy myself. And you are just adding to the cause.

    4. The reason why they are watching and not taking direct action is simple. As a foreigner, if you are arrested in Japan you will almost certainly be banned from Japan for life, even if you are never convicted of a crime. Documenting the slaughter for the Japanese people and the world is one of the best things they could be doing.

      It is very easy to see where the dolphin killing fleet is moored and how to sink it. The boats would be replaced in days or weeks. It wouldn’t do any good.

      If they took any serious action it would be all the reason they would need to ban ALL foreigners from Taiji and then no one would be left to document it.

    5. & just when do you think the ancient culture of selling wild dolphins into captivity started Laura? Are you saying this has been going on for centuries? & if it is such a deeply embeded tradition & culture then why does most Japanese not even know it is happening? Why do they label the dolphin meat as whale to sell it in supermarkets, if it was such an important tradition surely it would be labelled as dolphin, right?
      & as for the tradition of hunting whales in the Antarctic start do you think? Are you saying back in the Edo period they got in small timber boats & ventured down into Antarctic waters to hunt whales, then rowed with them all the way back to Japan. As for sustainability if every country in the IWC hunted the same as Japan would that still be sustainable do you think? So why should there be one rule for one country, & another for everyone else? I would call that racism…

    6. laura, laura, laura, arent you having fun! but you arent fooling anyone really. it’s so obvious that you are a pathetic, middle aged, grossly overweight, under socialized, psychotically lonely, MALE that is starved for any kind of human interaction ,that you stay up all night trolling the internet looking for real people with a passion for life that you can only dream about. now youve had your fun, you struck a nerve and actually got that wee bit of attention your blow up doll just cant provide, but run along now and find something else to fill up your empty life. we are busy .

      1. TOOO funny……and most likely TRUE!
        I hope people are getting their “Laura’s” right!
        I don’t want to get blaimed for what the other “Laura’s: are saying!

    7. I find it interesting how Carl has twice ignored the question of what HE is doing. People like that usually do. It’s easier to sit and whine rather than getting off the couch and going to Taiji.

      I also find it curious how he is so willing to put the lives of Sea Shepherd in jeopardy by stating they should have done something illegal. I ask you Carl, why do you think they haven’t yet? I am sure Sea Shepherd absolutely knows how to sink those boats and if they thought that would fix the problem, it would have been done years ago. If Sea Shepherd did anything about yesterday, it would only have caused sympathy among the Japanese people. The fishermen would be turned into martyrs, and not seen as the criminals they are. They would get new boats from the government and this would continue without hope of an end.

      This is a problem belonging to the world and so we all have a voice and responsibility to ensure it is stopped. The power, however, lies within the realm of the Japanese people. The way to stop this is through the court of public opinion, not violence. I believe it is slowly working. The word is getting out and people are disgusted by what they are seeing. The hunt started 2 full weeks later than last year, which was later than the year before. Yes, it’s slow, but it’s significant. Should Sea Shepherd jeopardize that progress by making martyrs out of those who are beginning to be criticized by their own people?

      Think about it, Carl. Be wise. We are all reactionary right now and we are all upset. Believe me, I too have had visions of explosives destroying the mountains by the cove so there are no more obstructions blocking the view. I have also thought of RPGs and Snipers and I am glad to read that you hate this as much as we do. I don’t believe you are the enemy here but please understand that any action would have lasting consequences and they all must be weighed and considered.

      1. Okay so the post was put in the wrong place… obviously and to the wrong person… no way to delete it…. My apologies.

        As for laura…


    8. @ Laura: stay on topic. Besides humans, the only other self aware life form on this planet that I am aware of is the dolphin. So you condone murder for the sake of science?

      Hitler would be proud of you!

      Keep up the great work Elora !!!

    9. Laura,
      Yor are a complete idiot, totally uneducated about the issue. It is sad that you are so full of hate. How dare you say these things to this child who is doing so much more than anyone! May I ask if you have anything that you would put your lazy ass on the line for? I bet not. It’s all about what makes Laura comfortable, it does not matter if any other human or creature suffer to bring about that comfort. I truly feel sorry for you. Don’t make comments about people who are doing the best that they can to make a difference. And to say such hurtful words to this child on a such a day is not forgivable. All I can say is that karma will prevail. When you are not blessed in life you will know exactly why.

      Elora, you are forever in my heart and you will be truly blessed! Stay strong and do not let people like this stop you. You are doing more than any of us on this blog. I wish I could give you a big hug today because I can’t even imagine how hard it was to witness this cruelty.

    10. You are outraged…?
      Well then, guess how ALL of us feel having to read your verbal diarrhoea. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have no understandign of the giant economic interests behind the International Whaling Commission )who by the way are who stipulate quotas for cetacean killing) and to what extent these interests manipulate institutions and governments and even non-governmental institutions to mask the truth or hide it altogether, to pursue their own self-interests and achieve their own aims. You have no idea what a DUNCE is – and it is certainly none of us her, apart maybe from you, who seems to be digesting all the twisted rhetoric the whaling lobbies are putting about, and taking it for gospel. THAT is a dunce. As for cetaceans in Taiji, Yvonne, they are sitting ducks to man’s stupidity and ignorance and greed. They are VICTIMS. Many are endangered species, in one list or another. They are loaded with the mercury we have been throwing into the oceans; their flesh is poisonous for human consumption. Doesn’t it bother you that a government, and the world, is allowing it to be fed in nurseries and state schools…? It does ALL of us.
      ‘Culture’ and ‘Nature’, Yvonne, as part of LIFE, presuppose balance. Something we ‘civilised humans’ have frosaken a long time ago, forsaken for greed and profit. There is no balance in hunting to extinction, or to hunt so much we create a dangerous imbalance in the seas, the regulators of the Planet and of life on Earth. That cannot be, is indeed not a defensible culture, but the epitome of what we want to see destroyed. And as such we need to stand up and say that this is not, this slaughter in Taiji cannot EVER be part of any human culture or tradition: because WE REJECT any human culture and/or pseudo tradition whose sole outcome is to destroy Life and this planet of ours, EARTH, and render the future unsustainable.
      I am tired of people like you. If I can see things from different angles and discern, make an informed choice of what is good for the planet and what is moral, so can you. Go and educate yourself, and then come round again for more instruction!
      And keep your viperine mouth off this young lady: she’s worth a billion like you, and you should be in awe and gratitude of her being.

  13. There needs to be more teens that want to change the horrific acts of the Japanese. All I can say is you are very brave and you have more courage than most, and anyone reading this would be proud of you. I know I am!!!! I hope that when my 16 month old son becomes an adult or even a teenager that he will be as courageous as you, and stand up for what he believes is wrong. I will print this out, so maybe one day when all of this has stopped that I can show my son what once was and that many people like you helped to stop it.

  14. I have no words to say…I sit here trying to be strong but I break down and cry. Cry for us for them and the horrible massacre. If I was there now I would have been arrested. You are very strong and thank you for posting this no matter how horrible it is. Stay strong Rambo!

  15. Laura, how the heck is she supposed to intervene when the police there are protecting the fishermen and NOT the people who wish to save these whales and dolphins?

    And how the heck did she cross a line about their culture and tradition, etc when it’s patently obvious that these people are being hypocritical? If they have so much national pride in the killing of these cetaceans, why hide? Please.

    And research? Perhaps it is YOU that needs to do your research. One does not need to kill a thousand whales annually to do research. It is all about money money and more money. It is obviously not about culture, or tradition, or pride.

    Lastly, if I had the money, I’d be proud to stand next to this young woman and be a “dunce” right along with her. To me, she is a shining example of teenagers who are out there making a difference in this world …

    1. 1) Well, she’s hopeless then. Doing nothing.

      2) You’re the hypocrite here.

      3) Money, money, money. Yes. That is why, isn’t it? That’s why people like you think that they are wrong. THERE AREN’T ENOUGH JOBS IN THE WORLD! PEOPLE GET BY ON WHAT THEY CAN GET BY! And if it involves killing whales, then some people are willing to go that far. It may seem lunatic to you, but it’s not lunatic to them, and thus they will continue.

      4) Yeah, with a name like “Dolphin” you’d fit right in.

      1. Laura, understood. You do not agree with us so go on the ICR site and blog there. We are not in agreement. You have said what you have to say. Point taken. Good bye!!

  16. You are right when you say it’s not “culture!” Cultural tradition is no excuse for cruelty to humans or animals! That’s why we don’t have slavery in the US anymore, that’s why we give asylum to people who were going to be subjected to bride burning, genital mutilation or sexual slavery. Those are all cultural traditions!

    You are so honorable and those fisherman are the epitome of dishonorable. Honor is supposed to be so important in their culture, but there is no honor in Tajii.

  17. Thank you for all the work you guys do!!
    I am Japanese who really love animals. I wacthed “The Cove” when I was in the United States last month, and it made me sad and frustrated. I knew about Japan’s whale hunting in antarctica, but I had no idea about the poor dolphins in Japan until I watched the movie. Since then, I have been trying to learn more about it and tell it to people… wish I could do more…

    Even from my perspective as a Japanese, I question the hunting being called “culture” too. If they call it “culture”, they wouldn’t been hiding it, they would be able to explain with respect rather than hiding. Also, even though it has been proved that dolphin and whale meat is high in mercury and dangerous to eat, the government is not doing anything to protect people. There must be something they think more important than people’s health… and I think it is money unfortunately. They really seem to care only about money. It’s difficult to respect my country for this point 😦
    That was how I feel, but honestly the way they kill dolphins makes me go against the dolphin hunting the most.

    I live in Osaka, let me know if there is something I can do.

    Thank you so much for what you do, again!

    1. Ayumi,

      Spread the word to anyone that you know that will listen. If you have the time, go to Taiji (with anyone that will join you) and protest what is being done. Show the world that there are people in Japan which do not agree with these things being done. Be proud of your heritage, but change the things which are not right. The U.S. has done things in the past which have been changed (killing of Buffalo, slavery and many other things). By changing things that are wrong, it makes it better for future generations. I hope that many people will listen to what you have to say and come to the attention of those that need to hear it. In the world, there are 350,000 whales and dolphins killed each year for food, Japan is in the top 5 countries contributing to the killings. Anything that can be done to stop the killing of the planet will help.

  18. This must have been a dreadful day for you and the crew. My heart goes out to you, with the wishes of strength to defend our beautiful Ocean Dwellers. I do so wish I was there to help with this insane behavior of these insane fisheries.
    Why can’t they understand the bigger picture, is beyond me.
    How can they gaze into the eyes of these Intelligent beings, KILL them, and then sleep at night. They just don’t get it, I will pray for their souls…to be enlightened, SOON!

  19. I am also so sorry you have to have those memories imprinted it your young mind .. But you are a strong young lady and you are doing a wonderful job keeping us informed, I was checking this blog all day hoping for good news.. I am so heart broken that the evil fisherman took those beautiful souls away from us and am hoping Karma will get them back in the end ! You have a right to voice your opinion and it’s better than keeping it in and you handled it well! Good luck and may the souls of those wonderful animals find a much better place were they can swim and play free!

  20. Laura, you are part of the problem and not the solution. Shark fin and tiger penis soup are also an Asian tradition. It’s good that young Chinese people are saying NO to these traditions. It has to start somewhere. We can’t keep doing things without any regard for the earths environment and for future generations.

  21. Thanks for having the guts to do what is right.Will Share.The horror we feel is nothing compared to the horror the animals feel. We do absolutely need to inform, agitate ,and stop this.Keep up the brave work.

  22. I am so sorry that you also went through that. It is a horrible impression of humanity and even worse that peaceful magical creatures had to loose your lives and that it even happened at all. MY heart goes out to you in a big hug and tears well up in my eyes to know that we are not there with you, so we can end this for all time. You and your team are very brave and also exceptional to have shared your story and incite. Love is with you!

  23. This stupid killings…humans have no right to decimate the living things in our oceans. See “The end of the line”, it’s crazy! We have to stop this, we have to expose the murders wherever they happen. One day these people will be held accountable for crimes against humanity, because they destroyed the very environment that supports all of us…for GREED! Politicians, lobbyists, Big Oil and Gas, Coal, whaling, shark finning, fishing, dolphin slaughtering, tiger’s whiskers, they’re all the same, they will all pay one day.
    Christopher Beau
    Founder WhiteEarth.org

  24. We need to help you even if we can’t be there. Your photos and video need to get out to the rest of the world and definitely to the Japanese people who seem to have no clue what is going on. I keep sharing your links but I am sure there is a better way. I am a teacher and I know that education sometimes is the only way people wise up to things. You are being a great teacher for the rest of the world by being there with your dad and sharing your experiences with us.

  25. Hello. Elora. I don’t know if you read these comments or not. But, there is something that I wanted to say. It will be a little long so I apologize in advance. Before I start, please let me tell you a little about me so you will understand where I am coming from. I am 41 years old and live in Florida. I come from a family that came from a small town in central Alabama. My entire family hunts as a part of their food source. I guess you could say that I am about as Right Wing as they come. I have always looked at environmentalists with a little bit of skepticism…. no.. a lot of skepticism. I have always believed that killing animals is perfectly ok as long as they come to some use. ie… food, clothing, etc… I have been brought up to believe that animals are here for us. Now… that being said. I happened across your blog and have been following you since you started it. I couldn’t quite understand why the situation in Taiji bothered you and others so much. You had mentioned the movie The Cove. I rented it and watched it last night. To be honest, I thought it was a little silly at first…these grown people sneaking around in the dark placing cameras here and there…going in to another country and breaking their laws by trespassing. They climbed gates and fences that were clearly marked to keep out. I just about turned it off and wrote the whole thing off as nonsense. But I thought, “What the heck, I don’t have anything else to do.” and I finished watching it. When they showed the footage of the killings…. I cried. I might be a lot of things but, I know when I see something that is wrong. I didn’t understand before. I do now. I just wanted you to know this. You are a brave young lady and I applaud you for what you and your father are doing. I wish you luck and safety. God bless you and the people that have gone there to try to bring awareness to something that I can only call murder.

    1. Thank you so much for your message Ric. I’m not sure what to say… I’m very touched by your story. Besides the younger generation, it’s people who are unaware that I am trying to reach. You’re very kind to post this on my blog. It’s exactly the kind of thing that I want to here. I’m glad that the Cove touched you in the same way that it did to me. Thank you so much for your support!

    2. ric, it is because of people like you that i can continue to carry on in this often sensless world. in spite of familial indoctrination, you had the intelligence and integrity to explore a different point of view, and did it with an open mind. What ever your parents may believe, they raised a child to think for himself and that is damn good parenting. thank you. you give us all hope that we are changing the world one person at a time.

  26. I can not comprehend the slaughter of these magnificient beings shame on them & their excuses of “Tradition ” and Culture.

  27. Dearest Elora,
    My sweet girl. I can only pray that one day very soon, young people like you won’t have to witness this horror show these people put on for greed. You are SUCH a brave and compassionate soul to be there. I truly wish I was there with you, but cannot leave right now. What a nightmare for you when all you wanted to do was you senior project!
    These people slaughtering all these beautiful and intelligent creatures are too stupid to think past their next paycheck. They either don’t understand or CARE that they are killing these precious animals that belong to ALL OF US!
    It’s all about GREED. To these men, EVERY life has a price on its head. I pity their ignorance.
    God, bless each and every one of your beautiful marine creatures as they pass on back to you.
    THANK YOU Elora. You are SO brave.
    And you have left ALL of US very, VERY grateful for your courage. Please be careful sweetie. You have hundreds of people who CARE and back you 1000%!
    Blessings always,
    Arlington, Washington

      1. Please KNOW that you and your beloved and brave father are on my mind 24/7.
        I AM able to go next year, but hopefully, there will be no need to go because of wonderful people like you and your father.
        Hang in there sweetie.
        Your kind heart and beautiful compassion has captured many nations and left us ALL thinking “What can I do to help?”

  28. Regarding Blood in the water: you may not find any.

    Dieter Hagmann at Atlantic Blue.de last year got film clips of the new killing method at the Cove. It shows pithing as done to frogs in biology classes as the new way to paralyze dolphins but not necessarily kill them. Afterwards, the wound is packed to avoid getting blood in the water. After that, last year, they were certainly killed while being gutted out at the bigger boats you saw.


      1. I don’t remember their “tradition” involving explosive devices.
        That’s what the Indian whalers up here in Washington are using. They go out in their hand carved boats and with their pretty bows and arrows and each has a shotgun that they shoot the whale with. Over and over and over again.
        Yup. It’s all about tradition…….

    1. At least they’re not randomly stabbing the whales one at a time and make them die slowly and painfully while swimming in each others’ blood. You may not be able to stop the whaling, but at least the slaughtering process is less cruel. I count that as a small win. To be honest, you just can’t expect the Japanese to stop eating whales unfortunately.

      1. It’s been through the Seattle and Federal court systems for years and the Makah tribe wins every time. The first whale they killed and carved up on the beach, the younger kids wouldn’t even EAT it! The news showed one girl, about 15, who tried chewing on the blubber and she got sick and said “That is the grossest thing I’ve ever eaten”.
        All the “Hunters” were high fiving each other because it was SUCH a political firestorm up here.
        The Protesters who lined the beaches were arrested.
        The entire thing makes me sick. It’s just plain DISGUSTING!

  29. Elora, I am proud of you! From human being to human being, from my heart to yours, from my hear to the lives ans souls of dolphins and whales! I am in such saddness, disapointment, anger, and embarrasment of our species over this!!! Common everyone …seriously…..feel in your hearts………..you know what they are doing to these beautiful and magical creatures is INCIDIOUS AND EVIL!!!

    Much love to you Euroa for making a stand and for the risk in sicking your name and opinion out there!!!!

    Again. Proud of you.

    Thank you!


  30. What you are doing is making the world more aware. I thought I was aware until I saw The Cove. I wasn’t prepared, and I’m not where you are watching. I’m also in my 30’s. You’re awesome and don’t ever think you’re not making a difference. You’re giving the innocent a voice. That’s essential. Thank you.

  31. Hey elora, ur doing great. Guys Laura is probably doing this to cause attention, so there is no point to keep commenting on how she’s wrong. Keep up the good work seasheperd, we are thinking of you elora, and hope you keep educating people. ❤ the Mahmoud's.

  32. These comments have covered it all. Just want to add my admiration for someone so young. I could not have the courage you have and I am so much older.

  33. its been said before, but you can wonder about how insanity becomes culture. we are all responsible for this. we are to witness this to know the sane from the insane. indifference is the greater cause, as we are in the minority as it usual is, but also in minority in financial power that could cease this insanity. it is my (our) religion to bear witness to human’s insanity, so the few who do make a difference in this fate will be known forever. we are tested everyday in this world when anything like this happens. I have no excuse not making a difference, but when the chance comes to me, I will.

  34. Thanks for what you are doing Laura.We are making progress towards ending this atrocity every day. Good and right will always prevail over this kind of thing.We also need to be drawing attention to the town of Futo which intends starting “culling” dolphins next year.It would be best to stop this in its tracks before the locals there get used to the revenue stream as the folk in Taiji have.
    If you cannot get to Taiji but want to do something search the tag #thecove on Twitter and pump out the tweets.
    Follow the list of people
    http://twitter.com/ecoleaders/thecove for people who are sending out tweets about it.
    Sharing this on there now.
    Blessings to you Elora

  35. Dear Elora,

    It is horrible that at the moment this could not be stopped,and my heart breaks for this injustice happining there and it breaks for you who want so much to stop it but couldn`t.
    I hope that you know that in fact you DID (and are) do something to stop it.
    By posting these blogs you keep people like me,who would so much to be there and help,informed,but maybe even more inportant..you are heplping to get the word out!
    More and more people know what is happing at the cove and around the world now and a rallying together in outrage and disgust!
    Keep your head helt high,there will always will be cold and ignorant people in the world trying to pull you down.
    You are an amazing girl who is doing an AMAZING thing.

    stay safe and stay strong!

    linda niemeyer
    the netherlands

  36. Heartbreaking to hear this news. I was hopeful they had realised the senseless waste of this activity and how despised they are by the people of the World. I will look into if and when I can get there from Hong Kong in the next few weeks. Keep the news

  37. My heart is hurting right now! This cruel slaughter of whales and dolphins needs to end immediately. Thank you for being there, so many of us would love to be there but cannot for various reasons. I hope that we can all make it to Taiji one day to be there for our friends.

    Let us not give up although we are all filled with disgust and sadness. There are so many more we need to save.

    A very sad day indeed !

    Much love from SA,


  38. Hi Elora ! Thanks to you and your Dad for trying to highlight what’s happening at the Cove. Your efforts are much appreciated by more people than you can imagine. Obviously, some people will leave negative and nasty comments on your blog, but please don’t waste your precious time reading them and getting upset : they are not worth it ! Please continue with your good work on behalf of those of us who just cannot be there. Your blog is wonderful, sad in parts, but wonderful ! Best wishes, Colin.

  39. A part of their culture…… That’s why when they arrest people it is under the law “Interfering with commerce”. I noticed that about the Antarctica campaigns. Pete Bethune was charged with that, even though it says research all over their ships. The reality is it’s all about commerce!!!

    1. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Capt. Pete had a VERY good argument! Are you researchers or a commercial business?
      PICK A LANE JAPAN!!!!!!!!!! You can’t have it BOTH ways!

  40. Well done for staying strong. I never would have been able to keep calm.
    Thankyou for having the courage of filming this and exposing this mass slaughter to the world.
    What is the name of your youtube channel?
    Many thanks

    1. Elora’s YouTube account is: KahakaiGirl. There is a link on the left hand side of your screen directly to the account. Look under Links and it is the first one.
      (Elora’s Mom)

      1. You MUST be feeling pure pride that only a mother can feel.
        God bless your entire family.
        Arlington, Washington

  41. Hi Elora, so sorry you had to be there on such a sad day, but glad you are getting the information out & making the world more aware. I have a friend in Japan at the moment who wants to come down & support you guys, but she knows no one, & has no contacts, so I sent you a msg on fb to put you 2 in contact. Hope you get it & she is able to join you guys in Taiji.

  42. I was very sorry to read that there are only 4 people there I was under the impression that there were about 100 people. I was glad to hear your anger, it is a good thing. Last but not least you are educating many people by speaking out and I pray God or whatever higher power will continue to give you strength.

    1. Andrea, my sentiments exactly. If I had the money in my bank account I would leave tomorrow. I just don’t understand how with over a million signing the petition there are only 4 people ready to step up to the plate. When the Yankess won the World Series they came in masses to acknowledge this. How can something as trivial as that supercede something as important as this? I will never understand people’s priorities. God bless you Elora, Scott, Sandra, and Dwight.

  43. Dear Elora,

    You are the braviest and strongest person that I know! I swear I would have screamed, cried and probably would have punched someone. I check this site, your FB and everything else about 4 to 10 times daily. I am in my 3rd year of college but I would absolutely drop everything and be over there in Taiji, Japan with you, your father and Sandra/Dwight.

    Stay strong dear! Praying for you guys!

    – Rebecca

  44. I simply can’t afford to be there. I am waiting to hear the verdict on my disability claim; otherwise, I have all the time in the world and nothing to hold me back.

    What really sucks is that are are people out there that can actually afford to go to the cove but do not have the time. These people should coordinate with those of us that actually have the time, but can’t afford the trip or the stay financially.

    “The huge gap between rich and poor, globally and within nations, is not only morally wrong; it is also a source of practical problems.” – Dalai Lama http://twitter.com/DalaiLama/status/18674252243

  45. So Sad……i did’nt sleep last night thinking of what had happened, i wish i could be there i so want to shout at those murderers. NEVER GIVE UP ELORA X

  46. Thank you for sharing. Your words are serving the greater good and the more we have people doing what your doing, the better the chances that all our efforts will create a shift in the way things are so THX to you, your dad & everyone there documenting the sad reality, the complicated politics and thanks for any ideas about how to actually get the government to see things differently. Giving the fisherman another opportunity to make cash in a different way must be the KEY

  47. When I say… Giving the fisherman another opportunity to make cash in a different way must be the KEY…. this is a response to people who say they can’t understand why they do what they do.

    It’s always hard to walk in another’s shoes and see how they compromise integrity or compassionate potential to survive literally but we must remember that it’s a matter or survival for many people who have no other skills or tools to survive or even find abundance in a more powerful way.

    That doesn’t make it OK in my book, but this horrible way is the way these fishermen are use to putting food on the table for their kids so if we wanna lift the world up, we should find a way for these people to survive in a new and more empowered way and have government back the idea that is actually profitable.

    I wish I had an idea about what new job fisherman could do.
    any1??? any1???

    1. Alison, Japan’s waters are among those most savagely fished, and therefore more depleted. They may well not have any alternatives. But they have brought it on themselves. So I do not, will not commiserate. If they managed themselves better…

      1. I hear ya! I was thinking of a new job idea that didn’t involve fishing at all, since i am vegetarian 🙂

        It seems like they have no alternatives which is why things don’t thing.

        I will now reflect on the scene in Princess Bride when everyone thought Prince Wesley has dead but Billy Crystal knew that he was only “mostly dead”

        With some creative thinking, maybe new profitable os for these fishermen who survive on dolphin meet can be reality not fantasy.

        I know I’m a dreamer, but it’s only b/c I’ve made many dreams come. Might I suggest that the teenage activist put a call out to everyone listening and ask people to submit ideas for how these fishermen can cultivate new gifts and talents that don’t involve slaughter and blood and weapons and still find a way to atact abumdance financially into their lives.

        jobs that help them become more compassionate beings would make them feel good and the cash is key to get them out of survival mode and onto the path of EVOLUTION of the human species!

        Maybe the government could pay them to help clean up the oceans and remove toxic crap that ends up in the animals they all eat, including innocent kids who deserve a better future.

        Thx to the the Cove, if these men stop and try to succeed in a new business, they will have a lot of support internationally.

        I’d love to see 1 fisherman at least, go against the grain, make art with all his old retired fishing gear, sell it online and see how the world respond to his good deed.

  48. I’m not a hunter or a fisher(woman), but I do eat meat. That said, I struggle with my carnivore status every single day, and I go so far as to be educated as to where my meat is coming from (and how it was raised and slaughtered) whenever possible. As Ric said up there, this isn’t hunting or fishing – it’s senseless murder. I’m glad to hear his point of view because it gives me hope that more and more people will come to realize how wrong the dolphin and whale killings are. It’s not just us “liberals” who are appalled by it.

    And thank you so much for being there and documenting this. It is very, very hard to look at those images. But without seeing them, the impact isn’t as strong, and the message doesn’t get driven home.
    These aquarium people make me as sick as the “fishermen” do. I have a hard time even calling them “fishermen.” They are cold-blooded murderers who trap their prey and exploit them for money, then brutally end the lives of the rest of their “catch.”

  49. First, let me say thank you for finding the strength to report this, and to actually go and witness these actions. Second, I agree with you, and for me this isn’t an argue about culture, it’s what is right and wrong. There would be plenty culture left without whaling or dolphin hunting, and in fact it would only better people, to prove they care and are capable of apathy and selflessness.

    Again, thank you for helping our oceans, and you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  50. PS. When the haters find you, let them inspire you even more to realize that what you do matters and the highest path is always to lift others up, and this especially applie to the haters who’ve most likely had someone put them down habitually and thus they do as the whalers do, continue a tradition that does not serve the greater good and our greatest potential as human beings. Stay above it sister and keep on keepin on! You can do a lot more from outside a cell so push it, but just to the edge haha:) Stay safe. You’re in my prayers, sweet stranger!

  51. I have worked for years in the animal rescue field and know how disheartening it can be to hear ignorant comment from people like “Laura,” when you are working so hard everyday for what you and millions like you believe in. Just remember that no matter her words, just the attention being brought via this blog, SSCS website, social media sites and others are all steps in the right direction. The world can’t do anything about something they know nothing about. Keep spreading the word girl…you’re doing an amazing job. Hopefully you go to bed thinking about these kinds of comments, and not the others 🙂

    I’ll be in Japan for work in a couple weeks. I have to compartmentalize my work trip and my own feelings about these actions in Japan. Wish me luck 🙂

  52. This sick shit shouldn’t even exist any more.

    If only we could somehow temporarily transport these fuckers into the bodies of the animals, so that they can experience the extreme pain, suffering and horror first-hand.

  53. Hi Elora,

    The story of the killed whales and the thought of what happens over there breaks my heart.

    All I really wanted to say is, don’t listen to the ignorent people who think this has anything to do with culture or other bs.
    Many people admire you and so do I!!
    Thanks for everything you do!! Stay strong!!

  54. LAURA,


  55. Elora,

    I wrote emails to whole Europe I guess, today I got an email from Switzerland and next week they are going to start protest and sending letters to the japanese embassy. I would like to know if I could send them the picture you took of slaughtered pilot whales, I know that they are under CITES protection and maybe the people from Switzerland could ask for a statement from the embassy.

    Let me know asap, plz! Take care, I am praying for you guys!

  56. Everyone in the US please call the Japanese Embassy today at 202-238-6700. Ask for Mr. Nakatsuka, 1st Secretary. I just called and demanded to speak to him instead of being transferred to a voice mail. He actually argued the point with me saying that the US is whaling in Alaska but I stood my ground. I was very polite and insisted that he take my name even though at first he didn’t care too. He actually asked how I got his name!

  57. That’s just… terrible… it breaks my heart to see animals treated so poorly. People seem to think that animal are just dumb creatures that provide us with food. This is untrue. Just because an animal can’t talk, doesn’t mean it can’t feel or think.

    Seeing these pictures and reading what you’re documenting makes me wanna hop on to a plane to there and do something to stop all of these disgusting things.

    And… this Laura(not me 🙂 ) who is bashing you, just… wow.
    I hope it really makes her feel good inside to put a teenager down and try to make her feel bad. (not)

    You’re doing what so many people want to do, people want to be there and know for sure and see with their own eyes what is really happening. You are doing exactly that, which is more than most people can accomplish! The most we can do at home is speak out against these horrible actions and support each other.

    Stay safe, and I hope to see you at school soon!
    -Laura Blythe

  58. I am not even sure what to write. I am so happy to know that their are people like you in the world fighting for what is right. I am sitting at home in Canada wishing I could be in Japan, wanting to be a voice and a presense. I want to thank you for doing just that. We need to make the world see what is really happening. That is the only way to change it.

  59. Dear Elora, I can’t say enough how amazing I think you are for being out there at the frontline. Your courage is incredible and I just wanted to let you know I’m behind you in whatever way I can. Be strong!

    Lots of love,

  60. Viable alternative to capturing/killing the dolphins – There are 13 boats, each boat can transport 10 additional people – if they were to take 10 people out for a dolphin/whale watching/sighting tour at $25 (the price of a dolphin meal in a resteraunt) per person, 4 times /day (30 min. out, 1 hr. watch time, 30 min. back), 5 days /week (they now work 7 days /week) for 4 weeks a month, this would generate $260,000 /month, or $1,820,000 for the 7 month season. This may be less that what they make killing/selling them, but it is definitely a viable alternative. Also, they may work 7 days /week, for 30 days /month (like they do now) and this will also increase the amount to $2,730,000 for the 7 month season. If they were to increase their fleet to 20 boats and charge $50 /person for swim with encounters, as well as the sighting/watching tours, this would make up the difference. Sounds like a profitable and lucrative business to me! Also, the business would increase over time as the population of the whales and dolphins subsequently also increase. The fishermen would not need to work as hard as they do now and there would be no scrutiny of what they are doing. Hmmm, I would like to be able to start that business myself. No capturing, no killing, they keep the money flowing and they would get the backing of those that are against them now, sounds like a winner!

  61. hey there mate – well done you! it’s a difficult thing – going out to your first witnessing/protest – you did AMAZINGLY well!! and the info you’ve gathered is more than priceless…i commend you for your efforts. it’s a challenging thing – going into the heart of the beast, not having any ‘safety net’, or shield if someone comes to harm you. well done on a very successful mission!! 🙂 i think you’ve done some great research – all that needs to happen now – is for the rest of us to put it to GOOD use!
    thanx again for your efforts – and congratulations! feels good doesn’t it?? 😉 despite wanting to scream and yell – you didn’t – you kept your cool and got what the WORLD needs out of the cove. you guys are true hero’s – and trust me on this – your names, your legacy – WILL go down in history for all to remember. It’s up to the rest of the world to run with this info, because if YOU do personally – the people gathering it won’t be able to anymore. BIG thumbs up to you from all who care in Aus. you’re amazing! xx

  62. Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine having to read the ignorant rants on here Elora. I just want you to know that the world is with you. Most people share the same anger over this that you do, and the few that do not will rise to the occasion to spit their ignorance at you or anyone who will listen. I usually choose to ignore them, that tends to make them disappear rather quickly. Bless you Elora for what you are doing and going through…. I honestly can’t imagine being there and witnessing that. Please, keep up the fantastic work. The world IS watching and learning. You WILL make a difference. You already are…. My prayers go out to all of you there…. to our family of the sea… and to the Japanese who are involved in this, may they see their wrong doing…. and make it right!!

  63. I found it interesting that you mentioned there were “aquarium people” inspecting the pilot whales. Obviously – since they were all marked up they were not ‘presentation quality’, but it would appear that the aquariums have asked Taiji to not slaughter dolphins when they select an animal from that capture drive – as an effort to spin the PR that they’re not buying animals who were caught in a dolphin drive that was slaughtered. That being said, I was trying to figure out why the “aquarium people” were interested in the pilot whales – not too many parks have pilot whales. One organization kept sticking out in my mind – SeaWorld. So I did some research and here is what I found:


    It appears that Kamogawa SeaWorld in Japan exported a pilot whale to SeaWorld in California this year. So, guess who needs to replace a pilot whale – Kamogawa SeaWorld.

    This also allows SeaWorld USA to say they don’t buy animals from Taiji. When, all they have to do is get Kamogawa SeaWorld to buy the animals, and then SeaWorld USA just buys from them.

    1. wow, what a find brian. thanks for sharing. i have to say, a year ago, i would have loved to go to sea world. now, i hate that place. i don’t like zoos either now. i’ve certainly been enlightened over the past year.

      1. Laurice,

        The federal register link provided by Brian indicates that the permit was just issued to Sea World on Sept. 10, 2010 so maybe the Sea Wolrd “Phinventory” iis not updated yet or the still in the process of transport. I don’t call this a coincidence. The slaughter today is directly connected to this recent purchase by Sea World. I am emailing Sea World today ASAP and letting them know that I hold them directly responsible for these deaths!


        I noticed on this “Phinventory” that a short finned pilot whale named Bubbles has been in captivity since the year I was born, 1966. How sad is that?

        Brian, Laurice, Danielle thank you for the links!

      2. Everyone,
        I’m sorry for the typo, I meant that the “Phinventory” may not be updated yet or the pilot whale is still in the process of transport.
        I get so emotional about this that I can’t type:)


    1. Thanks for the link. This is the message I sent . . .
      “You are a part of the atrocities that transpire in Taiji, Japan and other locations that support your greed. The world is changing and you will go down in history as the evil ones. If you do not consider what you do as wrong, then you are obviously drenched in a blood bath of ignorant bliss. Who will save your soul?”

  64. Hi Elora and all fervent commenter,

    My name is Akira, a Japanese living in Tokyo.

    I have watched the cove and thought a lot about this issue and
    since there are so many people fervent in this topic here, I would like to ask some questions so you guys can clear my mind. I also love dolphins, and seeing them get killed hurts my feeling, but if I start thinking with my head and not my heart, these questions pop up.

    My intention is not to criticize either side but to think about it more deeply.

    Question 1.
    Why is it wrong to kill dolphins?
    is it because they are one of the most intelligent animals on earth, or is it because of the toxins that it has?
    If it is because they are the smartest, then the amount of intelligence matters for the food that you eat?
    If it is because of the toxins (mercury) then should we ban many other foods that are as dangerous? (ex: burgers)

    Question 2.
    Many of you mention that it is wrong to kill them in such a cruel way, but aren’t cows, chickens, ducks (Foie gras) and other animals killed with a lot of cruelty as well? What would be the difference?

    Question 3.
    If we think kiling dolphins is wrong and should stop the Japanese, and Nordic people from doing so,
    then should people from India have the right to stop Western people from eating cows? (Cows are holy in India)

    Question 4.
    If the majority of the world thinks that killing dolphins is wrong, then should that practice be banned?
    If so, majority is always best?

    Qustion 5.
    If there were a surplus of dolphins, and they weren’t as intelligent, and where delicious, then would it be OK to kill them for food?

    Some are doublesided questions I know. But these are the thoughts that I have on my mind.
    Could you discuss these things with me?

    Thank you for reading all the way to the end. 🙂

    1. Akira,

      Great questions 🙂

      The best answer I personally can provide (and I’m no expert or scientist) comes from the book, In Defense of Dolphins by Thomas I. White:

      “…. scientific evidence is now strong enough to support the claim that dolphins are, like humans, self-aware, intelligent beings with emotions, personalities and the capacity to control their actions. Accordingly, White argues, dolphins should be regarded as “nonhuman persons” and valued as individuals. White also concludes that, from an ethical perspective, the injury, deaths and captivity of dolphins at the hands of humans are wrong.

      Looking at everything from the structure of the dolphin brain, to cetacean emotional abilities and social intelligence, and the implications of the fact that humans and dolphins have dramatically different evolutionary histories, In Defense of Dolphins explores the idea that, in the person of dolphins, humans have truly encountered an “alien intelligence.” ”

      This applies to all cetaceans, not just dolphins.

      Many Japan fisherman are also blaming whales and dolphins for depleting the fish supply. (This has been proven to be untrue, it is humanity and environmental factors that are largely to blame.)

      Japan and other countries, such as Denmark, could redefine their businesses and economy by adapting to a more eco-friendly and sustainable means to earn money. IE: Sponsor respectable and humane whale / dolphin watches, offer shows on large screens taken from various documentaries and scientists via observation in the wild, etc.

      Certain animals/mammals the world over have been proven to be of sentient intelligence and should be, IMO, treated accordingly.

      There is more I could say, but I am sure others will gladly chime in with lots more to share 🙂

    2. Akira,

      I want to apologize ahead of time for this being so lengthy. The answers to your questions are not easy ones.

      Answer to question #1, “Why is it wrong to kill dolphins?”
      a) They are intelligent enough to understand hand signals and language.
      b) They are self aware. (unlike cows and chickens, etc.)
      c) They contain Mercury at such high levels it kills humans. (unlike cows and chickens, etc.)
      d) They are at the top of the food chain, which makes them essential for the sustaining of the Earth.
      e) If the whales and dolphins become so depleated that they cannot come back from the point of extinction, then after they die, the oceans die and then we will die shortly after that.

      Answer to question #2, “aren’t cows, chickens, ducks (Foie gras) and other animals killed with a lot of cruelty as well?”
      a) Cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, etc. are killed (for the most part) in a way that they are dead in a matter of 1 – 15 seconds. I have never seen a cow (for example) in a slaughter house, stabbed 1 – 20 times with a spear, screaming and running away and left to bleed to death. (I know there are certain cases)
      b) Cruelty that is discovered in slaughter houses for cows, chickens, etc. is watched for and is reason for the slaughter houses to be closed. (when possible)

      Answer to question #3, “If we think kiling dolphins is wrong and should stop the Japanese, and Nordic people from doing so, then should people from India have the right to stop Western people from eating cows? (Cows are holy in India)”
      a) As you are asking a “religious” question, or a question for the “majority rules,” let’s look at it from those perspectives. From a religious standpoint, there are 2,100,000,000 Christians, 14,000,000 Jewish and 1,500,000,000 Islams, as well as many others which do not fall into these catagories, but still eat meat. That makes up approx. 70% of the people on the planet. So, from a religious, as well as a majority standpoint, cows, chickens, etc. will be eaten. With these religions, it is forbidden to eat certain things and has been for 5000 years. (some exceptions have been made (wrongly), e.g. pork, catfish, crab, lobster, etc.)
      b) 2000 years ago, the dolphin was protected by the Greeks, Romans and other societies to a great extent. Anyone that killed, harmed, or endangered a dolphin was executed.

      Answer to question #4, “If the majority of the world thinks that killing dolphins is wrong, then should that practice be banned? If so, majority is always best?
      a) The practice of killing whales and dolphins should be banned, yes, but majority is not always best.
      b) There need to be reasons for certain things being stopped. In the United States, the American Buffalo was hunted to the point of extinction, but luckily there were enough of them left to repopulate. When it was discovered that they were nearly wiped out, hunting them was banned. Now that they are becoming more populated, they are hunted on a limited basis, but it took over 100 years for this to happen. This same thing is what has taken place with the whales and dolphins, but it is not being stopped.

      Answer to question #5, “If there were a surplus of dolphins, and they weren’t as intelligent, and were delicious, then would it be OK to kill them for food?
      a) At the present time, NO! Because they have such a high content of Mercury. (up to 9000 times the allowed amount by your government)
      b) 500 years ago it may have been “OK” and 500 years from now it may be “OK,” (except religiously) but not with all of the pollution that there is now.

      I hope that this in some way answers your questions.

    1. If any1 EVER notices any meat being sold illegally, especially in the US….please contact me and I’ll put you in contact with several people who were in the Cove directly. I know 2 guys who were in the movie well and they would be interested to hear about it and hopefully do something about it.
      Check out their sting operations. Uplifting story for sure:)


      I think the first was La, the 2nd Santa Monica and there were more I think!:)

    2. I agree Geena. This is so sad. It really hits home after seeing these pictures taken by Elora and than to see these web sites. Is nothing sacred anymore? Humanity truly needs to have a rude awakening and I hope it is soon.

  65. As one of the people who actully saw this happen, their is no words. I was so sad to leave you guys right after that horrible day. I will never forget. Stay strong and know I will be following your blog every chance I get.

    Sandra Miller

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