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Slaughter Prep…

Hi all. I’m not in my normal cheery mood. Today the fishermen went out TWICE and brought in what looks to be about a dozen Pilot Whales. There is some good news to my story however… so please keep reading through everything that will make you want to break your computer.

Whenever someone asks, “Do you want the bad news first, or the good news?”, I’ll always say the bad news. That way I don’t end a conversation on a bad note.

So that’s what I am going to do now. It starts this morning at around 4:30. My dad starts fussing for me to wake up. We all decided to get up extra early to go and film the Katsuura fishermen bringing in Tuna. My dad and I had to check out of the hotel this morning, to move to another one, so getting out the door was hectic and took a little over an hour. But we made it to Katsuura from Shingu by 6- right when they were unloading this morning’s catch.  It was heartbreaking, disgusting and the reality slaps you in the face. We are over fishing! I can’t even go on a rant because I’m so shocked. You hear the fishermen talk about how there used to be hundreds of Dolphins swimming, in the Cove movie. But now they have a harder time finding them. It’s the same with the Tuna and any other sea creature you are eating… these things don’t grow over night and when hundreds are pulled out everyday… things will start disappearing.

After we took footage of the catch, we headed straight for the Cove at around 6:40. When we got there it looked like nothing was going on, until we reached the boat harbor. All the banging boats were gone. So we headed for our “lookout mountain”. We were only there for 40mins before the first catch were being herded in. The footage will be up later tonight. But watching those “dolphins” so scared and heading for shore with those insert swear word of choice here fishermen, banging on poles to drive them in. The banging sound really doesn’t leave your head. It’s been bugging me all day!

Once the “dolphins” were blocked into the Cove. Everyone (the fishermen) left. So we sat and waited for their return. In that time frame, my father and I rushed to the hotel to post a quick update and Sandra and Dwight counted five Pilot Whales. Long finned Pilot Whales, Is what we think they are. Aren’t those supposed to be protected? The government was letting this happen. And we know that because the police stood right there with us as the fishermen drove them in.

About hour an hour later, my dad spotted the banging boats on the horizon. The horror went on again. This time they drove in at least seven Pilot Whales, making an estimated dozen sitting in the Cove currently. We have word from a good source that very few Aquariums buy Pilot Whales. We are preparing ourselves for bloody water tomorrow. So prepare yourselves as well. This isn’t a light subject.

I’ll post more pictures and some video tonight when I find my missing data card!

On a good note however! Sandra, Dwight, my dad, and I all watched the Cove on my dad’s computer, while sitting at the Cove. Most of the tourists, and locals came over to see what we were doing. We reached out and shared this information, using the Cove movie, to at least nine or ten different people. Two of them being the Directors of a Tokyo news station, and thinking of playing the Cove movie on the station sometime. On top of that! We talked to several other groups of locals, and three journalist students traveling from Tokyo. The word is getting out to some of the local and distant community. It’s great! Half of the people had heard about the Cove, but didn’t realize that they were standing in it. And lots of people ignored the gates saying keep off rocks, to get better pictures of the Pilot Whales. So today has had it’s ups and downs.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Please dont let anything happen to these pilot whales. I know you are doing the best you can and it is good. I am sending you my poem on facebook.

    Thank you

  2. Sorry I had to send it this way.. I wrote this when I was 7 1/2 for school and you can pass it on if you want. it is called IF I WAS

    if I was a whale would you not see me cry
    because of the blood in the water
    If I was a dophin would you not hear my cry for help
    because of the cry of all my family
    if I was a Seal would you not hear me roaring for my life
    because of the sound of the bat
    if you don’t see my cries
    don’t hear my call for help
    or hear my roar
    does not mean that I am not dieing
    Please everyone open your eyes
    See me before I am gone for good!
    Help ME Please!
    I have no voice
    No-One is listening
    I need you to show people
    That I cry too
    My blood is real
    My Death is the end!!
    Save ME!!

    1. Thanks for sharing Isabel. How sad that the youngest among us understand the truth. You have a big heart, it comes thru in your poem. peace

    2. God bless your heart for loving the sea creatures so much that you are willing to witness the hellish truth and bring it to the attention of the world!God says that “the truth shall set us free” – I will pray for you and the truth you are sharing. May it set us ALL free! I don’t know you personally, but I love you and the magical, mystical sea life you are devoting your young life to save. -Susan

  3. You know… mankind is the worst God could ever have created, I´m ashamed of belong to such a horrendous race! World would be better off without us… :~~~

    1. I could not agree with you more, Danielle! Wild cetaceans and other sea life – as well as their oceanic environments – had been created gazillions of years before us!


    2. I sometimes think and feel this way, too. Yet, I feel conflicted about what you’re saying, Danielle, about “mankind is the worst God could ever have created.” Yes, I think many people behave badly (and I fear that I often behave in destructive ways), however, I, also, think that many people behave selflessly and do their best to leave a positive impact in the world. I think feeling ashamed of being a person–of being my self–is negative thinking. When I notice myself thinking in this manner, I tell myself to “STOP” and I focus on positive thoughts and behaviors. I believe I must focus on my own behavior and love my self. I believe a person can only change herself and be the change she wants in the world.

      1. Hi Debra, you surely misunderstood what I meant to say. I of course know that there are a lot of good people around the world… I meant in a general way. Our species is self-distructive and we (in general!) don´t realise it. God created a balanced and harmonised world and what do we do? We are over fishing seas and oceans, we are poisoning our own people with meat/food full of hormons and antibiotics, we use poor countries to finance our wealth, we talk about: south american countries are deforesting the amazon rainforest… tell you what, 90% of that wood go to Europe and North America.

        Of course I know that not everyone is to blame, but in general we, humans, are. I love meat and fish, but I don´t eat them for a long long time and it was my personal choice, because I cannot stand the thought of killing an animal for my good. I only buy organic food, and I am blessed that I can afford it because it´s expensive in europe. I buy fair trade products, we got a solar house, hybrid cars and bikes… Any way it doesn´t change the fact that our species is self-destructive, evil, who brings missery upon other countries, corrupt, selfish… etc. A bad apple spoils the whole barrel, that´s what is happening in Japan, of course there are good people there but bad people are in charge of what is happening and although good people are trying to change something, day after day they bad things happen.

  4. I could not agree with Danielle more, especially with all kinds of human threats affecting the lives of wild cetaceans and other sea life and their oceanic environments!

    And I truly wish we could do something to help SAVE these most precious pilot whales (instead of standing there and watching them getting killed). I am so extremely crushed and confused. I wish we could simply tell the fishermen to stop the atrocity and go home for good! Or start their whale- and dolphin-watching business immediately!

    I want you to know that I very deeply appreciate your detailed account of what’s been happening since Sunday, as well as your efforts. Your photos truly have a very profound impact.

    I just established a new blog, and the link is as follows:


    (My blog is still work in progress, especially with all the little details.)


  5. Elora, I admire you for acting for the dolphins. It sounds like it is difficult for you to see these intelligent beings slaughtered. I don’t even like thinking about it. I admire your willingness to immerse yourself in a culture foreign to you and to share your beliefs with everyone who is willing to listen. I treasure sharing in your adventure. Thank you, Elora.

  6. Elore, I can not describe in words how much I am thankful for your presence in the cove, trying to raise awareness of the terrible slaughter that happens in Taiji, Japan. From your pictures, this little town seems to have astonishing biodiversity. But instead of enjoying the beautiful landscape, these fisherman prefer to murder a gift of nature. One thing that surprised me the most, were the boats: they looked really expensive, and I’m sure to know where the this “dirty” money comes from. Where I live, humble people own this little boats on which they take groups of tourist to the beach and to a dolphin watch. From the boats, familys and kids marvle upon one of the oceans most amazing creatures. I truly desire to visit Taiji during vacations, but I wont contribute to Japanese economy until the excesive slaughter of ocean creatures stops. Right now, the only way I could think of helping this innocent dolphins is spreading the news to my friends, as you did to some people by showing the movie The Cove. Once again, thank you! For now, you need to cross your fingers and hope for the best, and wait for the day you have ahead.

  7. Elora,
    God bless you for this blogsite and your Facebook page as well. I am friends with Ric O’Barry and worked with him (before your birth) during the dolphin/tuna net slaughter debacle years ago. When Ric says “Elora Rocks” on Facebook, it definitely means Elora rocks…and I concur. You are doing a great job in helping get the updated word out to people on what’s happening there. I hope my newborn son has your heart when he is a teenager.

  8. if only there’s some way to save them. i wonder if any smart techy kids can engineer an underwater robot that automatically cuts through nets in the middle of the night. i hear about MIT kids engineering all sorts of fanciful robots just for fun all the time. all they’d need is a sponsor or something…..

  9. This is a good post and may be one that can be followed up to see how things go

    A neighbor emailed this link the other day and I’m desperately waiting your next page. Proceed on the awesome work.

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