Once again there are no Dolphins in the Cove today! We still had a very interesting day. After confirming that the fishing boats were in the harbor, we headed for the festival in Katsuura. It was so cool! I think it was still setting up, because things were being put together. But they had floating trees with flags on them, the boats were decorated, people were rowing around playing drums, and preparing in the streets for shows. It was very neat!

We went into a local sea-food market and I was completely and utterly disturbed by everything that I saw. The scallops would spit water and bounce as best they could since they were in a box with about a hundred others below them. It was just horror to me. The oceans are dying too quickly and then you look at why. It’s greed. It’s people who either know and choose not to care, or people who are so ignorant that they believe every-time they get a shipment of Clams etc etc. that it will just keep coming forever. I feel like if people were even the slightest bit educated, some of that ignorance would go away. And that’s what our world needs. Because once we save the oceans, (our main source of survival in terms of oxygen and apex predators), then we can work on stopping the on land problems. Oil companies, factory farming and things like that. It just seems that the majority of our Earth’s population choose to ignore everything. “I don’t see it, it doesn’t happen”. I guess I don’t know where I’m going with this… I’m just upset is all.

Today Dwight and I decided that it would be a good thing for my senior project if we filmed some stuff from inside the water at the killing Cove. And the fishermen said we could be in the water with no fishermen or dolphins, so it was allowed as far as we were concerned. One of us always stayed in view of the police, because we didn’t want them to suspect us of anything, it was harmless footage of me talking. It was so scary! So so so so so scary! We booked it out of there… never went on land or anything, because there was a keep out sign. Once we saw that, we swam out. We weren’t trying to break any laws.

Once we were back on shore… this guy on a jet ski came flying around the corner, and we thought it was a fishermen. So all in a panic we were preparing for him to start yelling. Turns out it was a guy and his girlfriend looking for a place to have a picnic. They picked a part of the beach, and set up. Then the guy got back on his jet ski and went into the killing Cove to see what was there. We figured, if he can do that, then there shouldn’t be any problem with us swimming.

Now we are back at the hotel, and I am downloading video to youtube. Please check my account several times because it could take a day to get all this footage up. Thanks for everything everyone!

For the Animals,


P.S Guess who bought the bread that turned out to be chocolate bread… Sandra. haha! oh well! I got some anyway 🙂

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  1. Elora,

    I know you don’t know me but I want to personally thank you for your daily posts, pictures, videos, blogs etc… of your experiences there. I have been carrying this horrendous weight on my shoulder since the dolphin slaughtering season began and it has been such a relief reading your posts. You are bringing Taiji to all of us that can’t be there. I look forward to reading your posts every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure that I am speaking for many people when I say that! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Please stay safe!


  2. Thanks so much, Elora, for sharing the photos! I really appreciate your capturing so many different things in pictures.

    It took me several times of looking through the photos before I realized that you had photographed guys tossing dead fish to the captured dolphins in their floating pens, as well as the slaughterhouse. (Please do correct me if I am wrong.)

    It tears me up to know that the captured dolphins had already lost not only their freedom, but their ability to navigate through the open waters and hunt for live fish. Their mothers, as well as some of their older pod-mates, had taught them the skills to survive well in the wild. Now, they’re in their pens and have already lost everything that they had gained while they were growing up in the vast sea. There is absolutely NOTHING that these captured dolphins can do in their pens, and they will experience enslavement once they’re being taken to the public display facilities. It truly hurts to see these precious dolphins imprisoned in those tiny pens with some guys looking over them and tossing them nothing but dead fish!

    I am glad you photographed that dead fish lying on the ground. I can imagine fish like this one to be less appealing to the captured dolphins.

    Wow! Rows upon rows of packaged fish and other seafood! And the live ones struggling to survive while being watered down in their boxes. Yes, Elora, all of these are quite disturbing! And I absolutely agree with what you mentioned about our dying oceans. The oceans have already taken so much crap from irresponsible and ignorant humans. There is only so much that the oceans can take that we have already seen their ‘symptoms’. They’re truly calling out for our help. Wild cetaceans and other sea life are definitely the barometers of how healthy our oceans are. Those of us that truly care about our oceans and its inhabitants can do many different things to help make our world a better place.

    Please do forgive me for such a long comment, but I want you to know that I can relate to how you feel about the things that you and others have already witnessed and experienced.

    I am so happy that you guys and the dolphins had a great Sunday! I take great comfort knowing that the dear dolphins are at ‘home’! I truly hope this keeps up!


  3. Elora:

    Your blog is wonderful and uplifting. Thank you.

    As far as the fish markets go, I don’t know that it’s really as easy as ignorance. People are taught from day one to be consumers – it’s our primary drive in this culture. Even when we do recognize that consumerism is destroying the planet, we ask ourselves “what green products can I buy that will destroy the planet less?” The question “how can I stop buying?” is rarely, if ever, allowed. The culture has been quite good about destroying the idea that other methods of life can exist.

    Remember – most animals will fight to the death to defend their food. We are animals. We will fight to the death to defend our supermarkets.

    (That is a paraphrase of Derrick Jensen from his amazing book Endgame I – The Problem of Civilization. If ever there was a book to read between your senior year and your first year of college, it’s that one.)

    Best of luck to you and your dad and everyone else out there!

  4. Elora:

    Thank you to do what I cannot do by myself!!
    I’m really feeling concerned by the slaughter in Taiji but I can’t joined you in your “fight”.
    So don’t give up and show to the entire world what is happening!!

    We need more people like you! but you got my support from France!!

    Take care!! Vincent

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