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No good news…

Hi everyone. I unfortunately have bad news today. About eight or ten small Whales have been herded into the killing Cove only. We watched the banging boats herd them in from far out into the horizon, to the killing Cove. I have more then enough video, but I do not have time to upload anything now. I don’t have any words… it looks like these might become sushi, because there is such a little amount and they took down the main net that blocked the way out of the entire Cove. The only place there are nets is blocking the killing Cove. More updates tonight, or tomorrow morning for some of you.


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  1. A horrible sad day in The Cove. I hope you are holding up well, I am sure it was an emotional day for you to witness that…. I love you bunches! I am so proud of you!!

  2. Noooooo why oh why??? You would think that with all the negative publicity they get and with you guys being there, they wouldn’t do such a thing.

    Stay strong and safe, and keep in mind, you are working on making a difference there!

    Like your mom said, we are all proud of you!

  3. This is definitely sad news. If anything happens, at least you guys are there to pay these beautiful creatures homage. Don’t they know that they are slaughtering whole families and communities of highly intelligent and emotional creatures together when they do this? Very sad….

  4. Elora I have a 13 year old daughter named Alara. She is looking up to you big time right now as she is a vegetarian and young animal activist herself. We are following your blog and your dad’s also. Thank you for being in Taiji, we wish that we could come too. You are so brave and we want you to know that we are there with you in spirit!

  5. It sounds like from the SS site that about 15 pilot whales are in The Cove. Obviously no good can come from that… I am with you and Daddy in my thoughts. I fear it will a terrible day there. I am on pins and needles waiting to see your update. It is noon there now and I am so sad to think about what you all may have to witness today. The world (the part of it that is not insane!) is with you all and amazed and grateful that are being the eyes and ears for us all. xoxoxoxo

    1. Elora, I am sorry you will be witness to such atrocity. You are an amazing and brave young lady. Glad you have such a strong father with you to help you through the toughest of days.

      Suzanne, we are here for you as well while you are without your daughter and husband. I know this is very emotionally difficult for you. We love you! Sounds like another spa day will be in order soon.

  6. NOOO!!! Dolphins just aren’t enough for them are they? I’ve heard if any SSCS are involved they will be arrested, so you and your dad please stay safe!!!

  7. I am so very sad to hear of your latest update…… There are no words to express how awful the next coming days may turn out to be for you, having to witness such a slaughter…… We are all hoping for brighter days ahead & continuing to keep you in our thoughts & prayers… Your being there is so important & we are thankful for all your doing!!
    Keep your chin up,
    Colleen in San Diego

  8. Love to you Elora. Stay strong. My heart breaks that you have to witness this at such a young age, but your parents have given you the heart of a warrior and I know that you will use it well.

  9. You know what they say, all publicity, even bad publicity, is good publicity.

    So you aren’t doing anything useful; in the end you’re just helping the fishermen.

      1. Exposing them to people that can’t do anything about it?

        So far, Sea Shepard isn’t living up to it’s name.

        Does the term DIRECT-ACTION ring a bell? Isn’t that what Sea Shepard is known for?

        Do something that respects the name. Do something making a direct difference, instead of telling people who are as helpless as you about what you’ve done. Or should I say, what you haven’t done.

        I have high respect for Sea Shepard for what they -do-, but so far I don’t see any “do.”


  10. Okay – the above statement from “carl”… There’s not enough room on this board to list the reasons why he is wrong. That kind of ignorance is exactly what this whole issue is all about. Elora – you are doing the right thing and no matter what happens today or tomorrow or the next, YOU saved lives! More animals would have perished if you weren’t there. There is no question in my mind about that. So, be brave. Be strong. You are a hero and those dolphins will thank you one day!! I can almost promise you that!!

  11. Oh, Elora! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the latest updates through the SS site and your blog.

    My hands truly clenched when I read about those most precious pilot whales already in the killing cove! And I had to step back and pull myself back together emotionally before typing out this comment. We both have absolutely NO words to express about this atrocity.

    We all know that the pilot whales are one of the most gentle dolphin species, and their pods are extremely close-knitted. If something happens to a pilot whale or two, the rest of the pod would follow. They are truly vulnerable and usually show less fear of humans. No wonder why the killers continue to carry out their most senseless tradition of killing massive numbers of pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands.

    I just wish I could have a magic wand – or like in the TV program, The Bewitched (starred by Elizabeth Montgomery) – so that I can be there with you guys pronto without all the time involved in traveling.

    It is 10:20 PM here in Phoenix, and I will be up tonight so that I can keep an eye out for your and/or your dad’s update. In the meantime, please do hang in there, Elora, and myself & your other supporters will be there with you, your dad, and everyone else in spirit, just like always.


  12. A sad day. Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s not in vain. We appreciate your courage and conviction to keep the rest of us informed.

  13. Stay strong. You are doing a great job of getting the information out. I think about you guys everyday. Keep it up. Matt

  14. Oh my… I got no words either. Today is a very sad day… I hope you guys find a way to show the world what they are doing there!

    Take Care girl and keep it up!

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