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Good day! And TONS of video!

Hi bloggers! Today was fantastic, no Dolphins in the cove!

We took Dwight and Sandra to the temple and waterfall and enjoyed another day in Japan without the worry of Dolphins being captured or killed.

I’m not going to do a massive update via writing today because everything we did is on video. Please check my youtube account to see all the new stuff. This including a store merchant showing us which meat is Whale, my third swim in the Cove and our hike up Tsunami park. It will take a while to get it up, but there will be at least one video within the hour. For those living in areas where it is night you’ll get to watch all of them in a row. 🙂 Thanks for the support!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

P.S for those of you who have been curious about my name, “Malama”, it was given to me traditionally by a good family friend of ours who is from Fiji and has been living in Hawaii for over thirty years. The name was given at traditional Awa ceremony when I was a baby. It was the first name I had.


6 thoughts on “Good day! And TONS of video!”

  1. Another big HI to you, Elora!

    (I just posted my other comment a while ago.)

    I am so happy that you guys and the dolphins have been having a great day today – Saturday!

    It is great that all of you are able to explore a little bit of Japan knowing that the dolphins are at peace in their own precious home environment!

    Yes, I had been curious about your name “Malama”. I am so glad you let us know how you received your name. Your family friend sounds so thoughtful, and it will definitely be a honor to him for you to have a new tattoo designed by him with the whale and dolphin included.

    I will look forward to watching the videos that you will be uploading soon!

    You guys and the dolphins have a great rest of the day today!



  2. dear elora, your slide show pictures are wonderful! your straight from the heart journal stories about the peope you encounter and the sometimes astonishing reactions that result from you just being an open, and innocent young human being filled with wonder, have to be the best goodwill ambassadors the real japanese people could ever hope to have.. just people getting to know people without politics–imagine that! can you guys head over to the middle east next? keep up the good work for all of us that share the planet….

  3. Dear Elora,
    thanks for the latest news. so good to hear that you and the dolphins had a good day.
    thanks also for telling the story about your name, i was wondering, what it means. 🙂
    i will check youtube later to watch your videos.
    i love the photos you have taken, so many peaceful moments. so beautiful.
    have a nice day,

  4. Elora, 
    Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. I have been reading your blog everyday and you are my link to what happens daily so that I may continue to share it with others, Thank you. I am very excited to hear that Dwight and Sandra were able to join you! I am in Lodi, Ca which just a stones throw away from their home and for once i feel like I’m not the only one in our area who knows about this tragedy. I am not able to make it to Taiji with a brand new baby here so I am doing my best here to tell everyone about what is going on in Taiji and how this courageous 16 year old girl is standing up for what she believes half way around the world. I wish everybody the best and a safe return home, 
    You have all my support! 

    P.S. Please let Dwight and Sandra know that I would love it if they contacted me upon they’re return so we may rally up more action here in Northern California. 

  5. Elora,

    In Hawaiian, Mālama means to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save, maintain. Sounds perfect!


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