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I want my chocolate bread!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night bloggers! I have more good news! The fishermen went out today (very sunny and hot day) in search of dolphin. They came back empty handed! It doesn’t give much to blog about, but that is what we wanted to see today!

I’ll post a short video with this update. It’s footage of a boat coming into the harbor without dolphins.

The hill we like to go to is a viewing park! You walk down these beautiful moss covered trails, and you can read (if you can read Japanese) about different Whales and Dolphins you might see out in the water from the viewing point. Nowadays, that means you can read about the marine life that you watch the fishermen send into extinction.

We ran into the policeman that we forgot to tell where we were going last night! We explained what happened and how sorry we were, he was so shocked we cared so much he was getting a little emotional. He told us that he didn’t sleep all night, because he was worried about me! I felt even worse about my blonde moment! At least things are set straight now, I can relieve my conscious of that.

While Matt was here, he kept talking about this amazing chocolate bread that our favorite bakery sells. However, whenever we were in the store they were not selling it. So Matt explained to me what they looked like. They are long and a little fat like a maple bar doughnut, but the bread does not look like cake but like a small loaf of bread! So we go into the store yesterday and I find something like how he described. I bite into it, and it’s full of mushrooms! Now, I have no problem with mushrooms, but they were not what my taste buds were expecting. Today we went in, and I found something else that looked like what he described… So here I am, sitting in my hotel room getting ready to start blogging. I decided that this is chocolate bread time!  So I take a huge bite into this banana and cream bread loaf…. It was amazing! But I still want my chocolate bread! Haha J

Now for my more serious updates:

We went into a local store a block from our hotel to buy something nice for the lady who runs our tiny hotel. We were told that it is something much appreciated here in Japan, and she has been so nice! The first thing I saw when we walked into the probably 1800 square foot building was the huge frozen food section. It was nothing but meat and fish. We walked over to the rows upon rows of fish, and found Whale. At least we think it was Whale, the meat was obviously fish like and it was this really deep red color. On the package, there was a picture of a Whale. We also found squares of Whale meet and possibly dolphin, but we don’t read Japanese so I can’t say I know that for sure. We went to the packaged food area and found some desserts that you could sample. We got our lovely hotel manager some orange and cream cake squares. Still disgusted by the fact I had probably held a frozen square of Whale meet, we went to check out. There, we not only found two huge bags of what looked like Baleen Whale bristles, but there where three baskets of different sized Whale and dolphin teeth! I couldn’t believe what I saw and I had to pick one up! I thought I was going to drop it, I didn’t think about the fact it probably weighed at least eight to ten pounds! We left the store so disturbed. I’m going to try and get a video up of it tomorrow, if I figure out a way to film without being rude.

Today Dwight and Sandra Miller showed up to help spread the word about Taiji, Cove. They answered Paul’s call on the website. It’s so nice having more people here who are just as passionate as we are about saving dolphins! They showed up and were ready to do anything. Since there was nothing to document today (thank goodness), we decided I’d swim out with them, and show them the Cove. They are great! They got their suits and jumped into the water with me, and off we went! We stayed at the opening of the killing part of the cove for a short while, while Dwight took pictures with his underwater camera. (I’ll have something up tomorrow it’s on their camera). This latest swim was not as difficult as the first one was for me… But even Dwight and Sandra said that you can feel the evil in that place and my blood almost turns hot, it’s so strange and unnerving.

We went to the same dinner place we did last night. I got, for dessert, Ice cream. But when it came it was frosted flakes and ice cream. Haha! It was good… but strange! Idk, who else eats ice cream with frosted flakes? I know I have weird food habits, especially before I was a vegetarian!

Well I’m glad that there was not much to update. I need some sleep now, night bloggers! Thanks for all your support.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

25 thoughts on “I want my chocolate bread!”

  1. now I have visions of chocolate bread in my mind! I’m so glad things have been peaceful in Taiji and that the Japanese are being so kind and sweet to you Elora. I always enjoy even the most mundane details.

  2. I am wondering how those of us who cannot come and help can help? What would be your advice to those of us that want to help. I realize donnations would be a help, but even beyond that what is the best thing we can do?

    1. There is a national day of Protest on Oct 14th 2010 from 12pm to 2pm at Japanese Embassies and consulates. I am organizing the Atlanta protest. If your city is having a protest think if you have time to join them. Or if your city doesn’t have one consider organizing for your city. Elora inspired me to do something in my city Atlanta.
      see details below:

      1. I am interested in organizing a protest in Pittsburgh…can you tell me how you got the word out about the protest? I just had a Lemonade stand to raise money and I only had 7 customers. How do you find others like you that care about dolphins and whales? Any input would be greatly appreciated..

      2. If I could tell you how I got all of these amazing people to follow my blog, I would. But the truth Is, I have no idea! Here is a link someone posted on my blog about a protest that will be happening all over the world; http://www.savelolita.com/2010/09/07/japan-dolphin-day-miami-protest-for-whales-and-dolphins/
        If you decide to attend this with family or friends and you want to do a blog about what you saw, felt, and learned.. and maybe stuff about preparing for it, I would be happy to post the link here on my wall.
        For the Animals,
        Elora Malama

  3. Hey Elora,

    Thanks for keeping us updated with your blog! I wish I could be there to help out, but like Andrea asked, what else can we do to help out remotely?


    PS; Now I want some chocolate bread too, hehehe.

  4. I really appreciate your updates Elora. It is such an important issue. I am glad I am able to still follow what’s going on in Taiji, even from all the way here in NYC.

    Now, I understand that the boats leave the Cove and come back without dolphins, but I can’t shake the feeling that they haven’t really stopped. Could they have moved their operations to a new location?

    I sure do hope that I am wrong, and that we truly are seeing the beginning of the end of the Taiji slaughters.

    Thanks again.

  5. Mushroom would be soooo disappointing when you expecting Chocolate!! Hope you find some soon. We miss you here at home. I am SOOOO happy that see that photos section was turned into a slideshow viewing. The pictures are beautiful, well except for the ones that are sad…
    Everyone CHECK OUT the links at top and see the pictures, new ones were added recently. (Elora you may want to tell people in the next posting that they can view them that way now.)
    love… Mom

  6. Your free spirit comes through so easily in your blogs. You can make a person laugh or cry in an instant. Today was another good laugh day. After mushroom mouth, I am not sure I would be brave enough to try again. Sounds like you can never know what is inside one of those breads. Good luck finding the chocolate one. If you do, maybe you can take a picture of the word so you know what it looks like the next time. : )
    Love… other Mom

  7. Beautiful post Elora. Your words are so inspiring, and certainly grab the attention of the person reading them. You are becoming an inspiration to so many. What a senior project this is for you!

    Take care and hope you find some chocolate bread!

    side note: LOL @ Suzanne- finish tea before typing.

    PS. If you haven’t done so, no matter where you are, you can sign the petition to end the dolphin slaughter in Taiji.


  8. Thank you for your blogs! I am very appreciative of you and your Dad keeping those of us who cannot be there updated on what is happening. I hope the fishermen come back EVERY DAY with NO dolphins!

  9. I am so impressed and humble og/towards your actions Elora…! You really represent “The young generation”…! Awe!
    I will try next week to show your blog to my students, and show them what “life is about” through your blog..!
    Peace & love,

  10. Elora,
    thank you for your updates. You and your Dad are our only connection to Taiji at this point in time. I truly appreciate you taking the time to write down your thoughts and giving us updates on the dolphins! I load your blog on a daily basis and read on the subway on my way home from work. Here’s a thought…you should compile all of your daily writings and put them into a book. Your posts give me such hope for the dolphins. Bunches and bunches of thanks to you, your Dad, Dwight and Sandra. Oh, and also to your family who I am sure miss you greatly.

  11. thanx for the updates,if i could afford it,i would be out there!you guys are doing a great job,and lets hope this could be the end to the slaughter!!!
    many thanks to you and your dad and all the others out there doing what you can to bring awareness to the plight of the dolphins

  12. I’ve heard so much about the graciousness of the Japanese people, and it’s heartening to hear how well you are being treated. The majority of the people in this world and kind and loving people. I hope you find your chocolate bread…and you have to eat an extra one for me! Love you!

  13. Love your blog! Thank you SO much for keeping the world updated as to what’s going on there! I’ve been sharing your blog with all my friends on Facebook, and some of those have passed it on to their friends. So please keep us all posted! We’re all SO glad someone’s there to keep an eye on the dolphins!


  14. We are very happy that our son and daughter have arrived to join you. They have been counting down to ththis time to go over and lend a hand. Dwight has made us aware of what is happening and it is very disheartening to see these animals slaughtered in this manner. Hopefully the word will get out and this butchery will be closed down. Dwight and Sandra we are proud of you for following your hearts and taking a stand.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  15. Hi Elora!

    Wow, what a mixture of ‘up-and-down’ day that you and your dad had today, the 17th!

    I could not have been more grateful that the fishermen/hunters came back EMPTY-HANDED! This is exactly what you guys and all of us want to hear! My very deep hope is that we will have many more days like this and that the beloved dolphins will continue to be safe in their own home environment!

    Oh, gosh, I can truly imagine how extremely disturbed you and your dad must have felt when you discovered pieces of meat that could be whale and/or dolphin. I would have felt the exact same and would try to photograph and/or videotape the little packages ‘in secret’ when no one else in the store is looking. That way, you would have some evidence to show to the SSCS and Captain Paul Watson, as well as to the rest of us in the world.

    Hard to believe that the store would also sell baskets of whale/dolphin teeth, as well as whale bristles. I wonder what this stuff is being used for? At least you have a basket to show as a piece of evidence. This goes to show the atrocity of the whale/dolphin slaughters, and this should stop once and for all!

    On a lighter note, I do hope that you will find some of your ‘favorite’ foods, especially chocolate, and that you will continue to feel better after eating much healthier foods.

    Hang in there and we are with you guys in spirit. I do hope that Saturday will be another great day for you guys and the dolphins!


  16. Here in Tokyo, everyone is talking about The Cove and the right-wing groups, much less about what is still going in Taiji. I think we almost hear less about the tragedy in Taiji than people in the West do – if you don’t count the slander about Sea Shepherd being pirates and terrorists on prime-time TV.
    I really like your blog and look forward to your next entry, keep up the good work!

  17. Hi! Elora

    Glad to hear the good news that no more dolphins have been caught at the moment. I continue to log into your blog everyday without fail and like many others I really appreciate you & your Dad’s dedication. I agree with Maryisa (as if you haven’t) you really should consider putting your experiences into a book, it would be a great way to raise awareness & money too!
    Take care & be safe, the dolphins couldn’t have a better friend.

    Love Fi x

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