Today was another free day for dolphins! My dad, Matt, and I woke up around 5:30 to go check out things at the Cove. We walked outside to find that the storm still had not passed, we couldn’t have been more happy! Driving to the the town of Taiji, we noticed that the water was very rough and choppy today. That was also great! It hopefully meant that the fishermen did not go out with their boats, with fear of costly problems to the boats. What I thought was great, is that it still was a costly problem! That is an estimated 50-ish dolphins they will not profit off of, and it’s been this way for three days.

We came back to the town we are staying in and stopped to get tea and toast in our favorite little corner coffee shop. Sadly, we couldn’t finnish our breakfast because two different smokers came in and I was trapped in the smoke. Now, I have nothing against smokers, unless they throw the cigarette butts on the ground, but I cannot inhale second hand smoke! My throat almost closes up. So I had barely anything to start my day today.

All three of us drove over to where the dolphin holding pens are. It’s disgusting in Taiji Town. Most of the buildings are slaughter houses and fishing decks. I’ll get a picture of it, and do a whole article on it tomorrow, but the dolphin slaughter house… looks like a place  in which you might be murdered. The building has this torn brown and rust exterior… with a large door that matches the bad paint job. You get chills, just looking at it.

Today is the day that Matt had to return home to his family. After we dropped him off at the train station, we got word that two more people will be arriving tomorrow. This was great! We drove past the Cove, and still nothing. 🙂 Today is the third day in a row that dolphins are safe!

Now for the very funny… but kinda sad story. A reporter that we ran into at the Cove, saw my dad’s shirt and was very interested in getting some insight on SSCS. We made plans to meet up for dinner, so he could ask all his questions. He did know who SSCS was. When it came time to meet… I realized why I have been so tired and weak the last two days… I am not eating right. I haven’t been since I got here. My body is used to a certain amount, well the amount it needs, of different fruits, vegetables, proteins and other important foods. But ever since I landed, I’ve had a hard time finding foods with high levels of protein because I do not eat meat and we are staying in a town where people travel from all over to eat fish at. So, we stopped at the store behind out hotel and bought all kinds of food. Tofu, vegetables, fruits etc. It was great having someone with us who spoke both English and Japanese, he was able to help us find what we were looking for. We all wanted Tempora and rice with Tofu for dinner, so we asked the lady behind the counter if she knew of a place….. Now remember how I told you that the police follow us everywhere mainly to protect me? Well the funniest police officer was following us on foot. And he was standing right across the street. This local and his two daughters had come into the very small store, and overheard our conversation. He offered to drive us to the restaurant. Because of his daughters being there, we felt that the situation was safe and it would have been considered very rude to decline his offer. So! Here we all are…. my dad and the reporter and this man’s two daughters pile into the back of the car, and they offer me the front seat. I glance over (now keep in mind that I am so used to seeing the police following me, that this hadn’t phased me at all until he was running to the car around the block) and the police officer is grabbing his floppy hat, sliding his hands down his face, his jaw was practically to the wet ground… and he is carrying all this stuff! He starts throwing his bag over his shoulder and dashing for the little white car around the block. Now I realize what we have done! And i’m about to say that we need to stop and tell him where we are going…. when my dad pipes up and says “Hmm, I wonder what the police think? We always tell them where we are going”.

Dinner was very wonderful! Our new friend ordered everything vegetarian on the menu! And wrote out the names of each thing in Japanese for us! We were so grateful! I hadn’t been eating right, so the different Tofu’s, egg dishes, vegetable, and rice was just what I needed! Our reporter friend wanted to know all about SSCS, why my dad was interested in being a part of them, the difference between killings cow and chicken compared to dolphin, etc. He had it painted in his head that SSCS was a group of nasty threatening people, by the end of dinner he said “you’re not like that at all… You’re just like any dad from anywhere”. It was great! I’m hoping we can open the eyes of the Japanese people, and starting with a reporter is great!

Walking back to our hotel we saw one of our police friends parked out front the building, we went straight to them because I felt so bad! I didn’t want the guy to get fired for loosing us, just because I was blonde and didn’t put two and two together! Our reporter friend translated for us, and everything was worked out. PHEW!

I’m sorry this is later than it normally is, I was typing last night my time and when I hit save draft the internet wigged out, and it didn’t save half of my document! Because I was so tired my dad made me go to sleep, rather than spend another hour up writing, I need to stay healthy.

Well that’s the crazy story for today! Today was good all around!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Great that the dolphins are still safe and sound! It’s also great the people are getting more understanding, it means that what you are doing is working. The part about the police and you being blonde made me laugh :p

    Stay safe you two and keep it up! 😉

  2. Wonderful story Elora. Really had me glued to the computer screen to find out what would happen.. and then laughing. The visual on the floppy hat– fantastic.

    So happy to hear you found some way to get some food for you — because you’re right, you need to keep up your strength. Sleep well (or good morning– I never can remember the time difference)… looking forward to your next post.

    Please stay safe both you and your father. Glad to hear some new folks are coming too. Hope Matt’s trip went well. Again, thank you for giving us your insights. So wonderful and charming. Hope these posts can stay this way (*dreaming*)

  3. always enjoy your updates Elora and look forward to reading them each evening. I must say, aside from the right wingers, it sounds like the Japanese are being really lovely about everything – I hope it stays that way!

  4. Elora well I guess if the Dolphins are having a good day then we all should too!

    I am stoked that your Dad got a interview with a reporter maybe that will put some more points on our side…I was wondering why I woke up this AM and didnt see a update…but I am glad you are feeling better…and everything is well…please keep us updated about the Two more supporters who are coming in tomorrow…sleep well

    Larry Sartore
    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #230873

  5. so glad you all found some good food options and had another interesting day exploring the culture of Taiji, meeting and talking to people… instead of needing to document dolphins in The Cove

  6. Ohh Elora 😀
    I really really wish I could come to Japan to support everything you are doing. But my parents would NEVER let me because I’m still in school. You are still in school too but your dad is with you, 🙂 :). We have so much in common it’s funny :D. Maybe someday if this is not stopped I will protest, When I’m out of school of course. 🙂

    1. Hi Hayley, Elora is still in school but we do a combination of homeschooling and alternative classes so she was able to travel. She does have her Algebra books (not her favorite subject) with her and this blog is not only helpful to keep the world informed but she will be using it as her senior project. Even if you cannot join her now, you can share this with all your friends, tell people to watch things like The Cove, Blood Dolphin$ on Animal Planet, and maybe you could show this blog to your school science teacher. It is important that kids understand the reasons why our oceans need to be protected. It is wonderful that you understand that. Write to politicians and tell them what you think. There is so much you can do from home.

  7. Another great blog, thank you Elora, and thank you and your Father for being such great ambassadors for the cause, I read your blog and thought how great it would be to be able to solve this mess of a plate of Tempura

  8. Gosh why did I have to miss floopy hat guy doing that. I would have laughed my head off. Im glad today was a good day for you and Scott got his point across to the reporter that were not bad guys. I’m assuming its the same guy he was talking to all week but mabe not. Be safe and I hope the two will show up soon. Matt

  9. Hungry, The image is embedding in my mind. Still laughing from when your mom told the story today. She left out the floppy hat though.

  10. I found your blog thru reading your dad’s posts on Sea Sheperd site. Thank you for keeping us informed about whats happening over there, you are truely inspiring. Such a young girl standing up for what she believes in is truely admirable. Last Sunday my daughter Mayah, my friend Leigh and I had a save the dolphins lemonade stand we raised 53.25 to send to Rick O’Berry (our next fund raiser will be for Sea Sheperd) but my favorite part of the day was when my 3 year old little girl and her best friend were shouting save the dolphins over and over at the top of their lungs. Thanks for what your doing and look forward to reading more of your posts..praying for lots more of the dolphin safe days and for you and your dads safety

  11. I’m so glad you had a safe and exciting day. Finding food that you can eat is really important for you, so I’m glad you were able to do that. I know how you are when you don’t eat!! The best way that we can all be ambassadors for our various causes is to show that we are good, caring and kind people. I am happy that you were able to communicate what wonderful people you and Scott are. Love you both!

  12. Hi Elora,

    I am so glad and quite thankful that the dolphins are still safe! I just wish there’d be a way for the captured dolphins to be released back into the open sea. It would have been nice if they could join their families and friends once again….

    I am also glad that you and your dad have been able to find the proper types of food to eat. I could not agree with the following motto even more: “You are what you eat.” It is a huge blessing that there is a little food store behind the hotel where you can grab some food to eat in your room. I would do the exact same if I were there! Like you, I am mostly a vegetarian and would eat chicken/turkey once in a while. I do eat some vegan foods.

    It is great that you guys were able to get together for dinner and that the Japanese reporter was able to truly understand that SSCS is not what he thought it was! I really appreciate him keeping his mind open so that he’d appreciate what you guys do on behalf of the dolphins and the Japanese citizens.

    Reading your daily blog, as well as your dad’s report, is the first thing that I’d do after I get online. My deep hope is that there will be more great days for you guys and the dolphins!

    Do take care!


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