Hello all! I have so much to tell you about today… so brace yourself and get nice and comfortable, haha! I started documenting sitting at the Cove at 6am this morning. Below is something I wrote watching the Captive dolphins.

Sitting at the Cove now. So far, three dolphins have been chosen for aquariums. I asked the police what they planned to do with the rest, they responded with “I don’t answer”. I am trying to prepare myself to see blood come out of the killing Cove. I don’t know what is going to happen, no one is responding right now.

About a half hour has gone by, I’m just sitting here eating an orange and watching absolute horror in the water and on land. In the water dolphins are jumping, clicking, blowing and thrashing around. On land, two Japanese women were walking down the path, but the fishermen left them alone. We have been harassed all morning about walking down the path (that is not gated off, I feel l should make that clear).

I have been walking alone down walkways to different sections of the beach, the police came up to me and told me I could not film or take pictures. We asked if it was against the law, and they did not answer. So I kept taking pictures.

It’s interesting how upset they get over a picture of a rock… they are not hiding the fact we make them very nervous! My father is on the phone now with someone that police asked him to speak with. Things are getting ugly. The dolphins are so scared. Five fishermen are standing directly behind me, and a police officer is sitting next to me. The guy on the phone is saying we need permission to take pictures of the fishermen. We responded with “the fishermen are taking our pictures, they didn’t ask us if it’s true they need permission”? —–The man on the phone was completely befuddled. After the phone was passed around several times, they man said we could take pictures of the fishing, boats, land, and animals… but not the faces of the fishermen.

About an hour after I wrote that, we went walking to the main beach/rock area. About 12 or 15 dolphins had been separated from their pod, and moved in the big area that is connected to the rock beach. I rolled up my jeans and walked into the warm bath like water, just trying to cool down. I tripped. Of course! Ha-ha, I twisted my toes and down I went, unto my butt now sitting in ribcage level water. I didn’t mind, it felt nice against the wind. I think I sprained my smallest toe though. It was surreal walking around in the water there, about 30 feet away from these amazing animals that should not have been there. About five minutes later, I’m still in the water, and one of the fishermen boats comes flying around the corner of the killing Cove, and straight for the rock beach! I booked it out of the water! It was at that moment things got really crazy….

Anti Sea Shepherd protesters, police, coast guard, and more people who looked all official started to line the sidewalk and come talk to us. There were probably all of three protesters on the sidewalk… I couldn’t help but chuckle. I mean, I’m all for supporting what you believe in, but to support murder is just plain ignorance and hate. They were filming us and taking our pictures. Now wait a minute… They didn’t ask our permission. So we asked the police to tell them to stop. We said that if they want to film us, we get to film them. They had no interest in doing that. The protesters held up signs of Paul but stayed away from us… my dad and I went walking down the beach, out of the sun… We forgot to put on sunscreen. Matt decided to stay and listen in on what was going on.

Sitting on the other side of the beach… I was trying to block out everything around me. Like the dolphins, the fishermen, cops, protesters, and the cameras. I was looking at the water, trees, hills and sky, birds, rocks, even bugs! And realizing how breathtaking this place is! It’s SO beautiful. It’s sickening to think what goes on in such a beautiful place….. but I almost threw up witnessing some of it.

Later this afternoon more protesters showed up. They had very high quality cameras, almost as if they were making a movie. There were about twelve of them now. I would walk by, and they would yell at me in Japanese… Talk about frightening. I felt like the Right-Wingers would kill me in my sleep if they could. And guess who comes into the story next!? Yeah… The Right-Wingers. Screaming about how what they do is okay here in Japan, and if we want to take pictures they will guide us to another location in Japan. They were talking about how they never forget the atomic bombings of Japan and reminding us that America did that. And yes, they were screaming through a bull horn while driving around the small town of Taiji.

Later in the day, keep in mind we had been there since 6am so later was really more like one or two in the afternoon. There is an estimated 15 dolphins that were taken for captivity today. I am not sure on that though. We were trying to count how many boats left with dolphins in slings, but we eventually got used to the sounds of the boats and lost count.

At one 0’clock the dolphins that had been separated, and netted in towards the rock beach, were still there. I figured out I was allowed to climb onto the rocks that were semi below the pathway. I walked all the way to the end of them, closest to the dolphins and sat down. They were probably about ten or 12 feet from me, but they kept moving in circles, so at times they were very close to me. But then they would migrate towards their other pod members in the cove area. I’ve never been more heart broken. I can honestly say that is one of the hardest things I have ever done. They were talking with each other, babies were separated from their mothers, fins were angrily hitting the water, and sometimes they would come up vertically to try and see above the water. I could look them right in the eye when they did that. Their eyes would roll in the back of their heads when they came back down. Now, none of these dolphins had the mysterious “Dolphin Smile”, they were so distressed.

I walked back over to my dad and Matt, when a news-paper reporter came over and interviewed my dad and me. He wanted to know why we are here, if we plan to cut nets or free dolphins, and what our story is. We explained that my father is with Sea Shepherd, and that I am a student in highschool working on my senior project. We told them nothing but the truth. He asked my dad a few questions, he explained that no we do not plan to cut nets or free dolphins, but he is here to let the world know what is happening at the Cove. The reporter asked what my project was on, I told him I am working on my senior project about Japanese culture and daily lifestyle.  I told him that I understand the killing of dolphin is a cultural thing the fishermen have been claiming to do for 400 hundred years, so I came to document what I see, because I am interested and I care about dolphins too. We even told him about my blog and how I am writing down everything I see and feel. He was very interested in my project, and he was very nice! He stayed and talked with us for over an hour, and we made a very good connection. He is very curious about Sea Shepherd, has a wife who is also vegetarian, so he understood that.

Soon a TV news reporter took my dad aside and interviewed him. They asked him similar questions.

I am having a hard time wording this section… I don’t want to sound self-absorbed, but I found this very funny and very sweet and it was a part of my day, so why not share it! I share everything else! While we were talking to the news-reporter I mentioned that the Right-Wingers sound like they do not like us very much. He told me that they don’t think I am Sea Shepherd, because I am too pretty. I don’t know who from Sea Shepherd they have met, but everyone I have is very pretty! So I don’t know what they mean by that… But one man standing on top of one of the hills, I believe he was a Right-Winger, screamed several times asking me to marry him. It’s very funny… but extremely awkward!

I started to realize that the police will send one of their men to follow me when I walk around the park. They are protecting me from fishermen and right-wingers, they do not want any problem at all! They realize if something happens to me it will be a huge national scandal… So they keep a close eye on me. It’s comforting knowing that the police are there for me, instead of spitting on the ground I walk on. Only because I am with my dad, and he is Sea Shepherd, Sea Shepherd is not welcome here.

GOOD NEWS FOR THE DOLPHINS! It’s unfortunate for the dolphins that were taken in captivity. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. The sounds of theire tails hitting the water and those boats driving them off to their holding pens, will just haunt me.

However, the rest were let go today! It took them about an hour to drive them out of the Cove and into the ocean, but they did! Seeing them jump and swim towards freedom was amazing! IT was worth the hours of waiting in the HOT sunlight. I have to say though… if it weren’t for the fact we were there (we being all activists from any group) those dolphins would have suffered a terrible fate! I will post the videos of them being let go later tonight. It will take a while.

Leaving, we had everyone that was on the police squad follow us to our car, the Right-wingers were filming us, and the news reporters taking our pictures. I felt famous. I really didn’t enjoy it, but if it gets the word out about the Cove, I’ll do anything.

Today was rough. But it had a happy ending!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Myself like many others are following your daily reports with great interest. You are an amazing girl, you have such courage and are an inspiration to us all. I have a 15 year old son who also supports Sea Shepherd and so I can only imagine what an opportunity this must be at your age, having this chance in trying to make a difference to the dolphin’s plight. We wish you, your Dad & the Sea Shepherd crew down there, a safe & happy outcome. Thinking of you x

  2. thanks so much for your insights and sharing your experiences. I found the part about Hiromshima interesting – it feels like that episode of South Park.

  3. Thank you very much for the work you, your Father and all the others there in Taiji are doing to help the dolphins. There are hundreds if not thousands of people grateful for your reports and hoping you all stay safe.

  4. Glad you and Daddy and Matt are safe, as well as the dolphins released today. So sad for the ones taken… what a terrible fate they will have in captivity. Their families fleeing back to sea without them. It would be like having a family member kidnapped and then you were forced back to your life.. with no one to report it to, no one to do anything about it. I know it must have been so hard to be so close and feel so helpless. Stay strong and know your telling their story gives them the voice on land they need desperately. I LOVE YOU!!

  5. Thank you for this blog, your brave spirit to go where most adults could never imagine. Please stay safe-you and all of SSCS. I’ve asked your mum if it is ok to share your blog link– want to make sure it is safe to do so before I do.

    While the Hiroshima argument is interesting- perhaps those in Japan who are raising it have forgotten what the Imperial Army of Japan did to the POWs they captured in Philippines and elsewhere, like Naking. They are not blameless for what happened during World War 2 (ie Bataan Death March, slave labor, performing surgeries & experiments on POWs while they were alive, etc). But neither side’s point is current to what is happening in Taiji TODAY. They are just deflecting and hoping no one knows history.

    So proud of you Elora!

  6. Stay safe!
    Thank you so much for all that you and your father and all the others are doing to save the dolphins!

    Thousands of people all over the world are following the situation in Taiji.
    Thank you so much for letting us know what is happening there.

  7. I am an 8 year old girl. What you are doinf for our animals is beautiful. We, us kids, have to show these silly grown ups to stop this killings. Dolphins are beautiful unselfish animals. Your Dad must be proud to have you there and you must be proud of your Dad. I know my mum and Dad are proud of you to. Keep up the good thing you are doing. Us kids need you.


  8. Continue doing this great work. Europe and especially Germany is watching this case… “The Cove” was shown on primetime nationwide, you got support from us all!

  9. I met you at the evening for the oceans in Seattle. While I was under the influence of the amazing wine of that night, you still struck my other half and I as a very remarkable and well-rounded young lady. Your dad must be so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. Be careful and take care of yourself, but also never forget to stand by your convictions. You and your family have been topics of conversation in our household since we met you guys and we speak fondly of your family to all those we meet that share in our beliefs to save the oceans and marine wildlife. You are a very incredible young lady. Please keep fighting the good fight!

  10. I´m very proud of you guys, I wish I was so strong to do the job you do. What happens in Japan and in other places around the world is an unacceptable massacre and the japanese Government has their blood on his hands. Dolphins are the most amazing of all animals, I had the chance to swim with one in free nature and that was the most amazing and revealing experience in my life. I hope America and EU open their eyes to that… Japan shame on you! You just show how nasty human nature can be!

    Keep strong and our thoughts are with you…

  11. WOW! Great work, I’m a 1 year old brit and I admire the work you are doing! Keep it up, stay strong and fight for the dolphins!

  12. You guys are amazing, so brave to stand up for what you believe in…thats fantastic!! I love your beautiful pictures and I think you are an inspiration to all of us.

  13. Elora and Scott, I am so proud to say I know you. Dannielle and I were just talking about how lucky Elora is to have this experience at this point in her life. Dannielle says she would not be able to be that brave, but is proud her little sister is. I cry with pride everytime I read a post or comment. Continue to do the beautiful job of being present and passive in this difficult journey. blessed be

  14. omg …you are all amazing !! my heart breaks for the dolphins and for the ignorance…keep up the great work !!!!

  15. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts! I am so glad I can trust what I read from you.. I was following some girl on Twitter and she turned out to be bogus.. DJCeatacea was her name Laurens deGroot warned everyone not to follow her, I keep trying to check on updates from Taiji… I am so glad you and your dad are safe and are there to help the beautiful dolphins! Thanks again you are doing a great job!

    1. Yes, that person was a fraud. Amazing that someone would spend so much time pretending to do something important instead of doing anything at all. How pathetic can one person be? It was not like she was pretending to be someone famous, it was so odd. What a waste of skin and oxygen!

  16. Hiya I just been reading your post your incredibly brave you know after watching the cove I’ve tried to do anything I can to help x donating money setting up a facebook group and wearing a awareness bracelet to spread the word x I really wish I could come to japan and do more I’m gonna start reading your blog everyday we need to all work together to help them x I recently saw my very first dolphin it was amazing x write back if you have the time thanks Jenny be safe x

  17. Dear Elora,

    Thank you for your updates from Taiji. I live in Osaka and have been to Taiji a few times to do help try and think of ways to stop the slaughter of the dolphins. The people in Taiji are really friendly and I don’t think they would ever harm anyone. I’m sure it does feel creepy that they are following you and taking pictures, but as long as you don’t give them a reason to get angry, they won’t do anything. They are just frustrated with the outside pressure.
    I think if we can show them there is another way to make a living, they may slowly change.
    The right-wingers can be scary, but again, I don’t think they would actually resort to violence, even if they threaten to do so. I have never heard of them attacking people in the 17 years of being in Japan, they are just noisy and trying to get attention.
    If you need any help while you are in Taiji, please feel free to contact me.

  18. Great work Elora, keep posting & getting the truth out to the rest of the world, they need to know what goes on here.

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