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I’m sitting in the airport now. I don’t know what to think about this trip anymore, all I know is I probably will not return home the same person. There is so much I want to learn about Japanese culture. Food, history, daily lifestyle etc. and how it is different from how I live in America, it’s obviously different. I’ll keep a journal and write about who I meet, what I see, and how I am feeling about my experiences, so I can share and hopefully bring you along in a sense on this amazing journey I’m about to take!

This trip will also become my Senior Project. So documenting everything I see and do both in pen and in film is very important! I’ll post whatever videos and pictures I collect when I can.

I am a pile of mixed emotions right now… I know what Im about to do is potentially dangerous. And this is my first time traveling internationally. I’m excited, scared, jittery, intrigued, and suspicious. I’m kinda something else that I can’t find a word for… it’s hard to explain. I am the kind of person who is always very happy and content where I am, but I’m always wanting to see what it is that lies around the corner. Who else is like that? I start running ahead because I am curious, but I am not pausing to think about what dangers might be around the corner, all I know is I want to see.

Still I’m excited! I have a feeling though, that once I land, I’ll be feeling a completely different set of emotions I might not even know what to do with. I’m glad I’m making this trip with my dad, we make a good team!

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